Reporter of the Month: November

With November coming to a close on a high note, we are entering the most festive and bustling time of the year. Thanks to the activity of this reporter and hard work among our Comics Team, we kept disseminating news and entertainment for our community, with their effort not going unnoticed.

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Bigabau currently holds the rank of Major (fifth-in-command) in the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin, the army he has been in for six years. Moreover, he is also a member of the army’s prestigious High Summit, where he acts as the Minister of Propaganda. Therefore, Bigabau presides over the army’s Media Committee and acts as the Editor-in-Chief of the Guardians’ Gazzette. Furthermore, he is also responsible for the management of the army’s website.

Even though he has acquired valuable experience in the army, it was only in August that Bigabau decided to join the Club Penguin Armies [CPA] reporting team. For his first post, he wrote about the details regarding the war declaration the Special Weapons and Tactics issued on Templars. More recently, Bigabau accepted the offer to join the Comics Team, taking the challenge of drawing at least one comic per month. His first comic published in CPA was a satire about the landless war between the Guardians and the Agents. Due to his commendable work, he recently earned a promotion to Reporter.

Reporter Bigabau

A very professional approach

Undoubtedly, his hard work and high scores contributed to this well-deserved award. In his own words: “I’ve been working as a writer for the Guardians Gazette and also on event posts for a few months now, but neither of them compares to the experience I got here“. We, at CPA, are happy to have him on our team, working tirelessly to improve our quality standards.

Why did you want to become a reporter?

Back at the original Club Penguin I always wanted to be part of a reporting team but never had the opportunity to do so. With Elite Guardians and the CPA community, I had the opportunity to make this wish come true.

What would you say has been your favorite part of the role?

getting paid

Could you tell us about your experience as a cartoonist?

I have been drawing Club Penguin comics since 2017, before even joining EGCP. Back then, I used to hand-draw stories about me and my friends going through every Club Penguin party and having fun. It’s a shame I don’t have these comics with me anymore.

What are some future goals you have?

Become Army Legend and Reporter of the Year.

Possessing ambitious goals, we wish Bigabau the best of luck in his endeavors within our organization. Once again, we appreciate all of those involved working in our team. Moreover, we extend our gratitude to the readers who trust in our services. Do you believe we will see Bigabau rising through the ranks? Do you think he can meet his goals?

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