Peace Restored As Confederation And Templars Rebuild Alliance

Recently, People’s Imperial Confederation and Templars announced that they would be once again reforging an alliance together. The announcement comes during a rare peacetime as multiple new armies have formed new alliances with a new map in the works.

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On November 28, Confederation leader Shallissa excitedly announced that the army would be restoring its alliance with Templars. In the announcement, she would go on to mention that their original alliance crumbled due to internal disagreements after their third generation. These disagreements surrounded around behind-the-scenes drama involving leaders. However, the two armies have not entirely been at odds. While not always being official allies, they’ve shared common enemies, both having gone to war with the Dark Vikings. In fact, over the course of World War IX, the armies worked together in the Sapphire Concordat alliance.

One of the major reasons for the armies coming back together was due to the friendship between Dawnables and the Confederation leadership. Shallissa cited their friendship of “many years” as helping her grow more respect for the yellow knights. Of course, they mentioned Elsa as well, who has been a friendly face in the People’s Imperial Confederation server.

A practice battle held a few weeks ago

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Dawnables to understand more about how the alliance got put together, including what might have happened to cause the alliance to originally dissolve.

Well, recently I’ve revived the AUSIA division for the first time under my leadership (outside of war purposes). People’s Imperial Confederation [PIC] had reached out for an alliance when they first returned, but ultimately Templars leadership held off on agreeing to an alliance without rebuilding our bridges. In recent times we’ve had a practice battle and have had our armies become intertwined naturally as time goes on. I feel confident in this alliance because PIC has been there for Templars during other generations and I personally know Shallissa and Sidie9 fairly well. As far as our previous issues between the two armies, it’s non existent in my eyes. Templars is not the same as it was under Xing. This alliance is very neo-Templars and is beneficial to the growth of the army. Overall, Templars is very excited to spend more time within our alliance with PIC and become closer.

In conclusion, it seems that Dawnables has been leaving her mark as Xing’s replacement, filling the Empress title. Time will tell to see if the two armies’ alliance will continue to live on even if the three friends’ retire in the future. Will both armies eventually find themselves facing each other in Christmas Chaos XIII?

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