Rebel Penguin Federation and Coup Crusaders Form An Alliance

With the season of cheer and glee rolling in, a new bond is created as the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Coup Crusaders enter into an alliance. After their recent success in Double Deck the Halls II, the two armies have decided to support one another and work together in the future.

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On the 23rd of November, the Coup Crusaders and the Rebel Penguin Federation came to a mutual agreement to be allied with one another. Toxic Storm, one of the leaders of the Crusaders, updated their ‘Allies’ channel in the army server to reflect the same, and Link3000, one of the Rebel Commanders, made an official announcement recently mentioning their newly-formed alliance with the Coup Crusaders.

Coup Crusaders add Rebel Penguin Federation as one of their Allies

Rebel Penguin Federation announce their newly established alliance with Coup Crusaders

The two armies had participated as a team in Double Deck the Halls II, a tournament hosted by the Army of Club Penguin, and emerged victorious in the battle against the opposing team that comprised the Clovers themselves, and the People’s Imperial Confederation. Given their incredible team effort and collaboration, both sides decided to ally and support one another in the army scene.

Rebel Penguin Federation’s announcement on winning the tournament

Coup Crusaders’ announcement on winning the tournament

To find out more about establishing this alliance, Club Penguin Armies reached out to Link3000 and Toxic Storm for an interview. We are yet to hear from Link, and their answers will be updated as soon as they get back to us.

What is the reason behind establishing this alliance?


Toxic: After winning the Deck the Halls II tournament alongside RPF, we decided that it was a good idea if we allied. We made a great team during the tournament and we got along well, this led to a historical win for our armies.

How do you think this alliance will benefit your army in the long run?


Toxic: RPF is a powerful major army and most of us at CC appreciate the contributions this legendary army has provided to the community. We didn’t ally for any particular benefit, we just respect and hope to interact and learn from this great army. Furthermore, we look forward to working with RPF again in the future.

What can we expect to see in the future from this alliance?


Toxic: As an ally, we are willing to support RPF and provide them assistance at their request. This alliance might drag us into a fun war or might give us a chance to interact more with the army through practice battles or various community activities.

What are your army’s plans regarding foreign relations and diplomacy moving ahead?


Toxic: We are currently allied with our friends at Help Force and the Army of Club Penguin. RPF was an unexpected but welcome addition to our allies list. This comes as a shock due to my limited interaction with the army personally outside tournament battles. We are satisfied with the allies we have now and don’t have plans to initiate further alliances. We respect every army in the community except some obvious few. Lastly, we regard all S/M armies as rivals and a few as enemies that need to be destroyed.

Having allies has always proved to be beneficial for an army. With another friendship forming within the army community, we are keen to see how this one works out and wish both armies the very best in all of their future endeavors.

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