Most Controversial Moments From Christmas Chaos

Over thirteen years, Christmas Chaos has witnessed both memorable moments and a few contentious ones that have controversies surrounding them. Let us take a look at some of the most controversial moments from the tournament in this post.

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Christmas Chaos I: The First Three-Way Battle

Written by: Disha

As is the case, the tournament has been a witness to controversies from its very inception. The first-ever Christmas Chaos, taking place in the year 2011, experienced the first three-way battle to occur in its semi-final round. This happened as a result of the quarter-final battle between the Army of Club Penguin and the Watex Warriors which led to quite a lot of heated arguments and discussion. It was a close battle, with the Clovers maxing 30+ and the Watex Warriors getting 20+. However, the Judges announced their verdict 15 minutes early before the whole battle was over, deeming it an ‘Army of Club Penguin Victory’. This created confusion between the two armies leading to most of the Clovers logging off earlier than they should have thinking they had won, and as a result, lost most of their size for the second half of the battle.

An intense debate followed the event, with both sides justifying their reasons for having won the round. Given that the situation had not been completely fair for either of the armies, the judges of the battle finally came to a decision and made both armies advance to the semi-finals. Thus we see the very first three-way battle occurring in the history of the tournament as both, the Army of Club Penguin and the Watex Warriors faced each other once again, and the Nachos in the semi-final round of Christmas Chaos.

Christmas Chaos Quarter-Finals – Army of Club Penguin vs. Watex Warriors

Christmas Chaos II: Shadow Troops vs. United Countries of Club Penguin

Written by: Disha

The second edition of the tournament would be no stranger to controversies as well, as one of the battles quoted as “probably the most irritating, confusing, most unreal event in this tournament” had its share of drama. This battle was between the Shadow Troops and the United Countries of Club Penguin and did not last for long, as the United Countries logged off early. However, the judges of the battle claimed that the Shadow Troops had cheated their way to victory by allowing troops of Special Weapons and Tactics and Dark Warriors to attend for them.

Thus, the United Countries were given the win initially, despite not completing the whole battle. But, later it was proven that the Shadow Troops did not cheat, and therefore the results of the battle were overturned. Therefore, it was the Shadow Troops who proceeded to the next round of Christmas Chaos II with a warning to follow the rules and the general code of conduct of the tournament.

Christmas Chaos II – ST vs UCCP

Christmas Chaos III Finals: Dark Warriors vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

Written by: Disha

The final round of Christmas Chaos III was not a battle that went about smoothly. Occurring in the year 2013, two of the dominant forces back then – the Dark Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation rightfully earned their places in the Finals, and found themselves in the ultimate duel that would decide the winner of the tournament. The two armies did not have the best of relations then, as both had arraigned one another of cheating in different instances and hence, there was a lot of tension in the air on the day of their clash. While the Rebels won at the end of the battle, controversy followed as Dark Warriors allegedly accused them of multi-logging during it. However, the Warriors were not able to give enough evidence for the same, and therefore, the results remained the same, giving the victory to the Rebels.

In a post made by Club Penguin Army Central on this topic, the highlights of this battle were given as, “In a debated battle, the Dark Warriors reached sizes of 60-65, and after leaving the battle room twice, lost to the RPF due to the fact that the army could not provide sufficient proof of the RPF “multi-logging” outside of 2-3 troops. The RPF had sizes of 75-80. This was a disappointing end to a tournament that went well for a majority of the other battles.” The Dark Warriors did not take this loss lightly, and the two armies went to war just after the conclusion of this tournament.

Christmas Chaos III Finals – Dark Warriors vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

Special Weapons and Tactics Removed from Christmas Chaos V

Written by: Disha

Christmas Chaos V was all set to happen in the year 2015, with 16 armies participating and the first round taking place during the weekend of November 28th and 29th. The Special Weapons and Tactics were pitted against an army by the name of Cumshooters, and their battle would have been the first battle to happen on the 29th. However, before the battle could occur, an investigation carried out by Club Penguin Army Central on the Agents, brought to light that the army had multi-logged during one of their events before the tournament. Following this investigation and the evidence gathered, CPAC removed the Agents from Christmas Chaos V.

The media organization made an official statement regarding the same, where they not only justified their reasons for taking such drastic action against the army but also explained how the tournament would work after this incident. As a result of the Agents’ expulsion, the Cumshooters advanced to the next round of the tournament.

Special Weapons and Tactics removed from Christmas Chaos V

Christmas Chaos VI Finals: A Seven Minutes Battle

Written by: Edu14463

Taking place in December 2016, the Christmas Chaos VI Finals were full of controversy, such as the previous editions of the tournament. This one, however, ended in a very unexpected manner. The battle between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Doritos of Club Penguin was expected to be a close and heated one. However, for an unknown reason, the Rebels had muted the assigned judge of the battle in their chat, preventing them from sending the first room of the battle. This led the RPF to automatically lose the battle, as they were not able to enter the room within five minutes. After they joined, the Rebels proceeded to leave the room and regroup, breaking the tournament rules. Therefore, the Rebels gave away their chance of victory to the Doritos.

In an official post on their website, Doritos Leader Tax1 stated:

We were ready for the battle with over 61 people on chat and two pools. We expected to come out victorious and we expected to come against a big army and have an intense battle. Things turned out differently than we thought. We entered the Mine as fast as we could outnumbering the Rebels by at least 30 penguins at the time. The Rebels had hushed the Gamesmaster causing them to lose what room to enter. The Rebels then retreated from the room, giving us, the Doritos, the Auto-Win & Automatic Victory.

CPAC Recap of CCVI Finals

Christmas Chaos VIII: Would You Like Some Coins?

Written by: Edu14463

The eighth iteration of Christmas Chaos was the first bracket-format edition of the tournament to take place in the Club Penguin Pirate Server era, hosted by the Club Penguin Online Army League. Both the Elite Guardians and the Templars would move to the Finals, after a controversial tie in the Semi-Finals. The former would turn out to be another three-way battle, where the two armies would face the Pirates, an army led by CPOAL Admin Epic101, who also happened to be CPO’s staff. By that time, allegations of Pirates giving out coins for players to attend the battle were proven to be true. Moreover, records of the battle portrayed the Pirates entering the first room of the battle minutes before it started.

Therefore, the battle would soon meet a different course of events. The Guardians and the Knights both agreed to boycott the Finals, holding their own battle. Winning every room, the Guardians virtually won their second Christmas Chaos, even though the Pirates are listed as the official winners. The following account, written by Erizy, the Elite Guardians’ 8th Leader, covers it all:

It’s okay that they are from a country with a much better and superior internet connection than ours. But their computers must have surely had some lag due to the high sizes of the three armies, which would make it impossible for some troops to casually chat in the battle room. So we moved to the Town, ignoring the rooms announced by the judges.


And so it was that the decision of the corrupt and machiavellian judges and leaders, who dared to cheat in a penguins game, forcing a tie to have three-way finals, turned out to be their own downfall. It was this decision that gave us the opportunity to rebel and duel fairly, even against our enemies, the Templars, who had agreed to boycott the tournament. And it was on that day that we made history and, even though not officially, won the tournament and created our own trophy.

Pirates Troops Spotted Joining the Room Earlier

These moments show some of the most controversial moments in the history of Christmas Chaos. With that said, there were both good and bad moments during each edition of the tournament. However, many controversies remain around to this day with some of them leading to significant happenings for the community at large, and thus cannot be forgotten that easily. Will this year’s Christmas Chaos go without a hitch? Or will more controversies occur? Were there any controversies that we missed?

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