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Welcome back to Army Front, the column in which we dive into the achievements of this week’s standout army. This week, we are investigating Water Vikings’ recent performance after the reformations that have been conducted in the army.

Water Vikings Army Front

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Water Vikings were created by Jed Pen and Zak, through a merge of the Masked Vikings and the Water Troops. Since December 28th, 2010, the Vikings have been a dominant force within the community. The army continued to prove itself to be a powerhouse, although experiencing multiple shutdowns and obstacles throughout the last decade. Their Club Penguin Pirate Server era began when Army Legend Kingfunks4, Pjayo, Buddy, Adden, Tymatt, and Thomas83514 decided to rebrand Golden Guardians on May 19th, 2020. The Vikings continued to expand since then, showing their dominance in the army landscape.

This year, the Vikings partook in remarkable events, in which they managed to demonstrate their strength. In May, WV reached the finals of AUSIA Arena, engaging in an intense clash against the Help Force, taking the Helpers to overtime, but sadly not being able to beat their opponents. The following month, the Vikings would see themselves involved in another major event, the fateful World War IX. Spearheading the Blue Sunset Alliance, they were the key to the alliance’s success, collaborating to the 32 victories acquired against the Sapphire Concordat. Later, the Vikings participated in the thirteenth iteration of the traditional Legends Cup. However, WV was not able to make their way to the finals, suffering defeat from the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Water Vikings WWIX

Water Vikings in the Battle for Ryback

Nevertheless, after significant accomplishments, the Vikings experienced a decline proportional to the scale of their achievements. The consequences of World War IX and the infamous September Drop afflicted the army, leaving them on the verge of reclassifying to small-medium status. Those unfortunate events reflected in the army’s performance in some of the Top Ten placements. Aiming to tackle the downs the Vikings were facing, their leadership and advisory introduced Project: Tsunami. With this project ongoing, the Water Vikings expect to make a formidable entrance in the upcoming Winter season, through reformations in their army structure.

Water Vikings in a Recent Battle Against the Elite Guardians

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Army Legend and Viking Advisor Aaronstone to learn his perspective on WV’s recent performance.

Well as of right now with the current stage of Project Tsunami the goal isnt so much higher sizes, that comes later in the project. When I was brainstorming the idea I felt like just shooting for immediate results would not work out in the long term but more so in the short term and obviously I wanted it to be stretched out over a long period of time for maxiumum results. We arent rushing this thing and we understand itll take time. Right now our main thing was revamping the event scheduling and revamping our SIT program and redoing our event DM process. I think things have worked out fantastic and we are about to have 5 people graduate from the new SIT program which is outstanding.

Even though the reformations in the Water Vikings are in their initial phases, Aaronstone is confident that the results will indeed revitalize the army’s operations. As he mentioned, the outcomes of the project are unfolding in the long term. Nonetheless, we can already witness a considerable improvement in the Vikings’ performance, as they start to reach higher sizes and expand their staff team. Do you believe that the Water Vikings will be able to return to their former glory? What are going to be the next phases of Project: Tsunami? Do you think Jojo Teri’s recent retirement will negatively impact the army?

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