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Welcome back to Behind The Scenes, the column where we look into the day-to-day life of a community member. This time, we will be sitting down with the person behind the graphic below, as well as many more amazing graphics, Gabgeirl.

Designed by Gabgeirl

Gabgeirl is most known for their work in the Rebel Penguin Federation and their time as a designer. However, we aim to discover who they are and what they do behind the scenes.

Gabgeirl joined the Rebels in 2021, however, this was not the first time they stumbled onto Club Penguin. In fact, they were an avid player of the game between 2008 to 2013. As many people did, they enjoyed playing the game and the events that were held. A particular type of event they remember is the Halloween parties that were held. Surprisingly, they do not recall coming across any armies whilst playing Club Penguin. When they eventually came across RPF, they were intrigued by them; the rest is history.

During their time in the Federation, they have been able to witness many of the Rebels’ successes. Recently, the Rebels won the Double Deck The Halls tournament alongside the Coup Crusaders. One of the most impressive things that the Rebels have done between 2021 and now is win every Christmas Chaos Tournament. Even though the Rebels have had ups and downs over the years, their form in tournaments defies all odds, making them a force to be reckoned with.

RPF vs Ice Warriors in the Christmas Chaos Finals (2021)

The Rebels have continued to thrive within the army community and, luckily, she has been able to be a part of their journey. Because of this, Gabgeirl has gained a plethora of memorable moments while being in the army.

One of the most known traditions in RPF is the Olympics they hold yearly. The first Olympics they helped to plan as a HCOM member holds a special place within their memories. The Olympics are one of their favourite traditions but this one was even more special for them. They fondly remember the closing ceremony as they saw their hard work pay off as the event came to an end.

RPF during their Olympics

Upon looking back on their time in the army, they noted that they achieved HCOM on September 26th, 2022. This was a big achievement for them because they had joined in 2021 and it would be their first time serving in an army as a high commanding member.

Gabgeirl is also a big presence within Club Penguin Armies‘ graphics department as they regularly create many amazing graphics. In fact, they created the graphic for this very column. Despite having a talent for creating graphics, their job in CPA was the first time they ventured out into the wider community. This enabled them to showcase their talent to everyone. It also enabled them to get to know people who they may not have known before.

One of their favourites out of the graphics they have made

Outside of armies, she enjoys playing field hockey as well as reading and, of course, art. They love the Percy Jackson books and have read them since they were young. The books allowed them to get lost in a world different from their own, going on adventures with their favourite characters. An interesting fact about Gabgeirl is that they have played field hockey since they were 8. Despite not winning a lot, they enjoy playing the game, as well as the environment the team creates.

There is certainly a lot about Gabgeirl that many people would not have known. To learn even more about them, Club Penguin Armies approached them for an interview

Who is Gabgeirl when you’re not undertaking any army duties?

Outside of armies I’m an enjoyer of football (soccer), hockey, art, cooking. I enjoy trying to be pretty well rounded in terms of my activities as a whole so there’s a lot of things I know at least a little bit about.

Do you have a favourite team? If you were to create a football team without subs/reserves which players would you choose and why?

I support my local professional club and the Welsh national team mostly. Players I would want to include though would be prime Bale, Joe Allen, prime Aaron Ramsey – just the majority of the Welsh Euro 2016 starting line up to be honest.

You previously mentioned the first Olympics you helped plan, was this one of your favourite moments in RPF if so, why?

It’s definitely up there! Our olympics are one of the biggest inserver events and always a big hit so getting to plan it and see everyone become involved was super rewarding!

What inspired your name Gabgeirl?

Its the name I used to use on the original game. I was aiming for the very creative ‘gabgirl’ however I was about 6 and couldn’t spell – I figured most words had an e in them so put one in. When I made my CPR account I kept it as a username for sentimental reasons and that’s how its stayed.

During your times in armies, have you had any times where you felt like you couldn’t do it? If so, how did you overcome them?

I think everyone has moments where they doubt themselves but I’m lucky that the RPF staff team is very supportive and have always helped me when I’ve felt stuck, I really couldn’t be where I am without the wider staff team 🙂

What’s next for Gabgeirl? Do you have any goals or plans for the future?

For now I’m enjoying the duties involved with being a 2ic in RPF, and for the future I just want to try and make myself as helpful as possible for the Rebel Commanders and the army as a whole.

Thank you for the amazing interview Gabgeirl! It seems like she enjoys what she does in armies from being a 2ic in RPF to graphic designing. It is also clear to see that outside of armies they have many interests and are actively involved in many activities. What will the future hold for Gabgeirl? Will they become a Commander of the Rebels soon? We at Club Penguin Armies wish Gabgeirl the best of luck for their future!

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