Unleashing the Waves: A Look at Water Vikings’ Project: Tsunami

Bearing an innovative approach, Project: Tsunami was planned as a revival method for Water Vikings to tackle September Drop. After a month since its announcement, it is time to reflect on the project’s performance over the last few weeks.

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The Water Vikings are perceived as one of the most influential armies among Club Penguin Armies. They have been around since 2010 and have accrued numerous victories in wars and tournaments. Like every other army, however, the Vikings also suffered significant losses in size during the fateful month of September. In response to this situation, Army Legend and Viking Advisor Aaronstone proposed an ambitious rebuilding process within the army to enable them to endure the season.

The so-called Project: Tsunami is a comprehensive initiative, unfolding in four distinctive phases, each dedicated to addressing different facets of the Vikings’ operations. Moreover, WV plans to meticulously tackle various aspects such as scheduling, server duties, and other essential undertakings. The project’s announcement heralds a transformative shift in the Vikings’ event schedule, proposing a new agenda that encompasses four events every week. Notably, these events are strategically spread across different time zones, predominantly centered around the European time zone.

Water Vikings’ Commander Dino announces Project Tsunami

As the army actively engages with the features outlined in the project, the leadership remains optimistic about its potential. They expect to make a robust entry into the winter season, emerging as a formidable force within the broader community. This will set the stage for WV to not only navigate through the challenges ahead but also to flourish as a vibrant and dynamic presence in the upcoming Christmas Chaos tournament.

Following extensive reunions among the Viking Commanders, they reached a collective decision to embark on a substantial rebuild for the army. As stated in their official announcement, the Vikings expect to conduct a complete overhaul of the staff-in-training program and their server. Furthermore, they want to improve their event attendance rate by introducing new methods of notifying their troops. Undoubtedly, this strategic initiative proposes to address key aspects of their army to ensure success.

A recent Water Vikings event

Presently, the army is in the inaugural phase of the project, diligently working through a series of predetermined milestones. As the team successfully concludes all affairs outlined in this phase, the trajectory will progress to the second phase. Anticipating this progression, a future dedicated and informative post will provide insights into the objectives and strategies delineated for the upcoming phase.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Water Vikings’ leader Dino to understand his perspective on the project.

How do you perceive the future impact of Project: Tsunami on the strength and identity of WV within the community?

I believe that, when completed, the Water Vikings will be in a much stronger position. We’ve waned considerably since the World War, so by the end of this Project I believe WV’s place in the community will be back to the form it was pre-WW.

What challenges or obstacles do you anticipate WV might face during the implementation of the project? How do you intend to overcome them?

So a big problem we’ve been encountering already a few weeks in is patience, I guess. We’re almost complete with phase one, just wrapping up the finishing of the new SiT program’s first set of cadets. Things have come up which have complicated things. A lot of troops are itching for P:T to along with as soon as possible and have been getting a bit impatient which have made things very tough for us.

Have you observed any immediate results or positive changes within WV since the initiation of the project? If so, could you elaborate on how?

I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

Project: Tsunami signifies the Water Vikings’ proactive commitment to revitalizing their operations through a structured and ambitious rebuild. As the project unfolds, it holds the potential to reshape WV into a more impactful presence within the community. Do you think the project has been showing good results? Do you believe the Vikings will be able to improve their performance in the long term? 

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