Da Best Claims a Seat in Crusaders’ Leadership

In an attempt to strengthen their leadership, Coup Crusaders have inducted a new leader. This change comes after their victory in the Double Deck The Halls II alongside the Rebel Penguin Federation.


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Following internal tensions in Tormentors, former staff members united to reopen Coup Crusaders under the leadership of Toxic Storm. The army has attained a good beginning as they constantly rank between the 8th and 9th position in Top Ten placements, above some long-standing Small/Medium armies, and have most recently turned victorious alongside Rebel Penguin Federation against the duo of Army of Club Penguin and People’s Imperial Confederation in the Double Deck The Halls II organized by the Shamrock Bulletin.

Double Deck The Halls II

Not too long after this victory, on the 18th of November, Toxic Storm released an announcement congratulating the army for the win. Furthermore, he announced his decision to promote Da Best to the leadership as the second leader of the army’s second generation.

Toxic Storm Announcing Da Best’s Promotion

Da Best has been one of the most prominent figures in the Crusaders, beginning his journey there from the start of this generation, as a Leader-in-Training. This is not, however, his first involvement in leadership. Apart from serving a tenure in Ice Warriors and Doritos, Da Best was also a leader at the Mercenaries and Janitors, as well as a few other Small/Medium armies.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Da Best to understand what are his plans for the Crusaders.

How does it feel to be inducted as the leader of the Crusaders?

Its nice to be back in the leadership position after MCP died a while ago. I’ve never had the opportunity to lead alongside Toxic Storm before so its gonna be an experience to see what goes down but it seems we do think alike when it comes to army proceeds. Its only really the future that can show off what will happen with this leadership dynamic especially when the other leader in trainings become leader in the near future.

What are the plans and goals you have for the army?

Hopefully get out of the low spots in the top ten and train the staff team mostly to be aware of scams and how to handle bot raids. We are putting in precautions for cases like these with the scams becoming more advanced.

How do you plan to make your army better than other S/M Armies?

Other S/M armies focus their resources and attention on 1 timezone. This can cause issues if you plan to go to war as an army can just invade during the zones you have no one online to lead. I plan to create heads of timezone divisions where we can grow in all regions. This will then mean that when we go to war, we can hold a consistent max across all time zones.

Are we going to see the Crusaders participating in warfare under your leadership?

We do plan to host wars in the future as remaining as an army thats “hey guys lets go dress up as santa for 10 minutes so we can get cool top ten points” really isn’t my style of leading. Yes dressing up as santa in June would be a funny event but is it worth the 5 points? Not really as I’d probably fall asleep trying to lead that. I do believe that war is something I myself will be planning to look into doing in the near future. If any army does want to do a fun war sorta style thing hit me up I will be down to do that with you guys. This invitation reaches any army that doesn’t rhyme with Fork Biking

We can conclude that Da Best has high ambitions for his army, as he plans to make Coup Crusaders safe, and a pleasing army for their members. Till then, CPA wishes good luck to Da Best and the Crusaders for their future endeavors. What effect do you think will this change bring to the Crusaders? Do you think the Crusaders will claim a high spot in the Top Tens in the upcoming weeks?

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