Judges Eye: Double Deck the Halls II

This Saturday, the army community witnessed Double Deck the Halls II take place, which was overseen by two skilled judges. Let us take a look at what the Judges have to say about the battle and their thoughts on this event overall!

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As the time for Christmas (as well as Christmas Chaos) draws near, the Army of Club Penguin organized the second edition of their tournament, Double Deck the Halls this Saturday. This was to not only prepare for the upcoming Christmas Chaos but also to have a friendly battle with other armies in the community and train together. Like last year, the format of the tournament remained the same, with two Small-medium armies being paired with two Major armies respectively. Four armies participated in this event, them being the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Coup Crusaders, the People’s Imperial Confederation, and the Army of Club Penguin. The Rebel Penguin Federation teamed up with the Coup Crusaders to form the Gingerbread Penguins while the People’s Imperial Confederation paired up with the host army, the Army of Club Penguin to represent the Hawaiian Santas. The results of this battle and how the event went overall can be found in this post – Battle Report: Double Deck the Halls II.

Double Deck the Halls II

Two of Club Penguin Army Judges‘ experienced Judges – Mare and Edu14463 were in charge of refereeing this event. We had the opportunity to have a talk with both of them and learn more about their thoughts on this battle and the event at large.

Judges’ Verdict and Summary

What are your thoughts on the battle overall?

Mare: The battle was really fun to watch! I originally thought that ACP/PIC would win due to ACP being top on TT most times and PIC winning Beach Brawl. However, I always forget and underestimate RPF and that they put on a great challenge. I also assumed since CC just recently opened, it may be harder to maintain troops if they had new ones. It was awesome watching all of them have fun together and create a memorable moment regardless of winning, or losing. It’s also amazing to see that CC won their first tournament, big congratulations to them!

Edu: This was my first time judging a battle in which two teams, consisting of a Major army paired with a Small/Medium army, engaged in a fight against each other. Undoubtedly this battle will be remembered as a memorable one in my judging portfolio.

Any particular moment(s) in the battle that you liked?

Mare: I really liked how both the teams chose their outfits and loved all their creative names. I really liked the last room when ACP did their H formation usually when people do it, it’s a hit or miss, but I think they did it well and dominated it.

Edu: I must say I find immense delight in those instances when the battle reaches a turning point, where no unequivocal army prevails dominany. Yesterday’s battle notably crystallized such a juncture during the transition from the Inside Mine to the Iceberg. The tide shifted from a preeminent RPF/CC coalition to the dominant ascendancy of ACP/PIC forces.

What do you have to say about the armies’ tactics, formations, speed, and creativity?

Mare: Both armies were pretty consistent with all of those, however, there’s always the conflict of people overusing BWBs. Also, I noticed from both sides that there were few gaps from formations and AFK troops which can seem small, but it becomes a disadvantage since it’ll look like half your form is dead and you can end up getting covered easily by the other army.

Edu: As usual, the Rebel Penguin Federation dictated the cadence of the battle with their fast tactics and clean and wide formations, and, impressively, the Crusaders were able to follow their partners. On the other hand, however, the Hawaiian Santas displayed more creative choices of formations throughout the rooms. Overall, the Santas decided to take risks, and I commend them for that.

What could have gotten better during the battle?

Mare: I honestly am not sure, everything went smoothly!

Edu: I expected the battle to be precisely what it was. A heated-up clash between armies that traditionally bring their best to the battlefield. Nonetheless, this time, I felt that the intensity shown by the Hawaiian Santas in the last room should have been displayed in the first ones.

Do you feel that both sides could have done better than how they performed in the battle? If yes, how?

Mare: I think that both performed well especially having two armies combined as one team I think that’s pretty hard to manage and all four armies did great with it. They all seemed very united and like they knew what they were doing!

Edu: Even though the Santas performed more creative formations, such as the arrow, and the upside-down Y, they could have been more properly executed. In other words, they chose the wrong formations during the wrong moments, which made the Gigerbreads cover them by taking advantage of their failures. Both sides had gappy formations at some points of the battle, though. As for the Gingerbread Penguins, they should have kept their consistency flowing through the last room, as they were seemingly losing steam, which made them lose the room.

Any final comments that you would like to make to the participating armies?

Mare: Congratulations to RPF/CC and amazing job as well to ACP/PIC it was a great battle to watch and super fun!

Edu: This battle showcased how intense a clash between armies that held no significant size advantages during its course can be. It all came down to who entered in the better formations and had more speed, which the Gingerbread Penguins undoubtedly showcased yesterday. I wish all armies involved a good preparation for Christmas Chaos! Take a closer look at the summary and learn from your mistakes.

From the conversation above with the judges, it seems that this battle was certainly interesting to be a witness to and judge. On behalf of Club Penguin Armies, we would like to congratulate the Gingerbread Penguins on their victory and give our commiserations to the Hawaiian Santas who with no doubt, put up a great performance. Lastly, a big thank you to Edu and Mare for judging this exciting tournament, and we wish both of them and the participating armies the very best in their future endeavors.

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