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On October 22, we asked our Discord server to leave the new administration some feedback and questions. Now, a month later, it is time to visit what the community has to say.

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Following Wynn‘s retirement, we wanted to make sure the “new generation” of admins (meaning Disha and I) are still in touch with the desires of what the community wants. Following a few rowdy months of interesting developments, the months leading up to Wynn’s retirement were relatively more quiet. My intention as an admin at Club Penguin Armies has always been to build a strong foundation for the community to have for years to come. Nonetheless, there is always room for improvement.

You can think of this post as a one-time “Ask The Administration” column.

Will the Daily Game Challenge ever be held during more AUSIA friendly times?

Dear Game Champion,

Thanks for bringing this concern to our attention. Daily Game Challenge normally has a time component to it, but we are more than happy to speak to the Community Committee Heads in order to see how we can address having a more accessible community challenge moving forward.

Is it possible to look into using Club Penguin Journey more?

Dear Rocket,

We did a bit of research into Club Penguin Journey. While the platform has continued to see much success in the recent months, we are still unsure of making the jump in allowing Community Committee events to be held there. As far as we know, there are still concerns about its community as a whole, as well as the filter in place. Potentially in due time, we will see a wider acceptance of armies using Journey.

What does the preparation process for a tournament look like?

Dear Organized Penguin,

Preparing for a tournament is a lot of work! I would never consider myself “great” at it, but over the course of Aces of AUSIA, Double Deck the Halls and Trick or Treat Trials, it’s something I’ve enjoyed doing. The first step in the tournament process is always to check in with the graphics team. They truly are the unsung heroes that put a tournament together and get it started. Without them, there is no tournament to begin with.

After speaking with the graphics team, making sure that we finalize dates and format is up next, usually alongside Club Penguin Army Judges. From there, we try our best to get an information post out to allow for armies to sign up without the pressure of having to start tournament hype for the first round of battles. From our experience, outside of seasonal awards, tournaments take a village of people to make sure it is ran successfully. It can be a very stressful process so we always appreciate the community’s patience when it comes to creating the best experience we can.

Later this year, I would love to host a double elimination bracket.

Are there any plans for future of the league now that the administration is down to two people?

Dear Table For Two,

The formation of Club Penguin Armies began with six administrators. Now, we are down to two. There certainly is a concern of what the future administration team looks like. However, we trust the process set in place that allows for those who are leading departments to eventually have a chance at becoming an administrator themselves.

To be quite honest with you, many of the comments left for us were troll comments so we did our best to sift through the memes and find concerns that we can do our best to answer. As always, our direct messages on Discord are always open to hear more feedback directly from community individuals. A big thank you to all those anonymously submitted questions. Do you have any questions for the administrators?

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