Community Predictions: Who Will Win Double Deck the Halls II?

The second edition of Double Deck the Halls is set to happen this Saturday. As Christmas Chaos approaches, the Shamrock Bulletin will host this event as a prelude for the most festive tournament. Let us discover who the community anticipates will be crowned the victor.

Double Deck the Halls II Predictions

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Returning for its second iteration, the tournament Double Deck the Halls II is taking place on CPA: Battleground on Saturday, November 18th. The tournament took inspiration from a championship the Army of Club Penguin held in 2008, known as the Double Team Tournament, where two armies would face another two. 

Following a similar format to last year’s edition, a Small/Medium army is paired with a Major army to constitute a team, which will engage in battle against another. Accordingly, the Shamrock Bulletin extended an invitation for three of the Clovers’ allies to partake in this mini-tournament. Last year, the Clovers and the Dark Vikings won the very first Double Deck the Halls trophy against the Help Force and the Mercenaries in an amazing 2-0-1 [W-T-L]. This year, however, the Clovers and the People’s Imperial Confederation will battle the Coup Crusaders, who are teaming up with the Rebel Penguin Federation

Double Deck the Halls I

Double Deck the Halls I – Room 2

Double Deck the Halls II is poised to showcase an intriguing battle, given that the Clovers and the Rebels display a tendency to give their best in tournaments they partake in. Moreover, the Crusaders and the Confederates have demonstrated a comparable performance, as indicated by their recent Top Ten placements. Therefore, predicting a winner for this tournament will undoubtedly be no easy task.

Club Penguin Armies interviewed various members of the community for their predictions on the army that will emerge victorious. They were also asked to provide the reasoning behind their answers.

Which army do you think will win Double Deck the Halls II? Why do you think so?

Aaronstone42, Army Legend: I think RPF will carry the RPF CC team to victory. RPF is a sleeper and I wouldn’t take them lightly.

Lunita, Water Vikings: I honestly believe that the team of PIC and ACP will have slight edge over the RPF and CC. Thus I believe that the battle may very easily go either 2-0-1 for ACP or 2-1-1 for ACP. The sizes will definitively matter imo. Which is the reason for the advantage PIC and ACP have. PIC has been maxing consistently above 10 as far as this month goes, ACP has been getting consistent 20s and they managed to max 31 at the start of the month. On the opposing side is CC and RPF. I am unaware of how much CC currently maxes, however they are still a very newish army, making their return only last month. As such they will be at disadvantage. As for RPF, they have unfortunately been consistently maxing under 20 since the 4th November. In the end however, the true determining factor are going to be veterans and the tactic leaders, together with troops. Who has the advantage in those will most likely conquer this match.

NIKO, Help Force: In my opinion, ACP and PIC will win. We have seen ACP constantly scoring Top spots in the Weekly amry leaderboard. Their MAXes are very high and they are one of the most dominant Armies in the community, while RPF keeps scoring lower spots on the weekly leaderboard. I think it will be up to these 2 armies And I believe ACP will emerge triumphant with PIC. Also, I believe PIC is much more active than CC

Leonardo3101, Elite Guardians:  I believe this will be an extremely balanced battle, since we are talking about two big armies (ACP and RPF) and two small/medium of similar perfomance. However, I believe ACP is experiencing a better phase than RPF right now. Nevertheless, we can’t underestimate RPF in tournaments. I think the battle is going to be decided during the overtime, where the smaller armies support will play a big role. I think PIC compared to CC has an advantage, since they are more experienced in tournaments. In my opinion, it will be 2-1-1 [OT] to ACP and PIC.

Disha, Executive Producer:  I would go for RPF and CC. I am aware that I may not be in the majority to believe that ACP and PIC will win, but I firmly believe that RPF can get a good size on that day and be their best selves like they always have during tournaments. CC is just starting out, but I have been noticing that they have been regular in hosting training events, and yes, while the max may be low, a little bit of practice and effort goes a long way. Both sides are skilled and experienced at battling, except for CC probably, but I do think that being on the same team as RPF can help them learn a lot in terms of coordination, speed and formations. Battling both ACP and PIC at once may not be an easy task, but I think RPF along with CC can make their way through it. To conclude, I wish the four participating armies the very best and look forward to the battle!

Mogi4, Moderator: I believe ACP and PIC will win simply because ACP is the strongest army participating in the competition and they have won the Trick or Treat Trials and Legends Cup, and PIC won the last Beach Brawl. So clearly they are the better and stronger side.

Popcorny, Head Judge: I think ACP will win. My reasoning is that they have more votes in the CPA Poll as well as they have more CPA Players in their two armies combined than the other 1.5 armies.

The forthcoming clash is sure to be heated up and exhilarating, with both PIC and ACP garnering the most mentions. However, both teams are undoubtedly willing to put up a tough fight against their opponents. With some predictions already in our hands, we must now wait for this Saturday afternoon. Only then will we find out if the predictions will match reality. Could the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Coup Crusaders manage to exceed the community’s expectations? Who do you think will win?

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