Changes in Leadership at Special Weapons and Tactics

Special Weapons and Tactics have undergone alterations in their leadership as with Legoman retiring, FWAPO, Krill, and Bull Hour have ascended the throne. As new leaders are inducted, change is guaranteed to dawn upon the army.

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On November 15th, a new leadership assumed the responsibility of the Special Weapons and Tactics, as FWAPO and Krill 300 were promoted to the position of Commander in Chief, and Bull Hour returned to the army to lead the Agents once again. Legoman made an official announcement on the army’s server stating the same. He also announced his retirement from the Special Weapons and Tactics after having led the army for almost a year.

Legoman’s official announcement on the promotions and his retirement

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Legoman on his retirement from the army, and he provided a statement for it:

Hoo Rah

With a recent war declaration on their Empire, the Agents have been raided on more than one occasion during their events by their opposition army. While they have attempted to show resistance to the Elite Guardians, their efforts have been in vain. Given the lack of participation and activity within the army in general, the Special Weapons and Tactics have also had to retreat from the battlefield a few times, and so far, have not been able to perform their best. As a new leadership takes the reins of the army, one can only hope to see some kind of change and progress in the functioning of the army, and the environment at large.

A recent battle between SWAT and EGCP

Club Penguin Armies also had the opportunity to talk with FWAPO and Krill and learn more about their recent induction. We messaged Bull as well, however, he did not wish to give an interview.

How does it feel to be a Leader of an army?

FWAPOIt feels great!!, especially when it’s your all-known goal I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole journey, and it feels like I earned it fairly, and I am on my next stage!

Krill: I find a little change being a Commander, compared to when I was in the HCOM and Leader in Training phase. Being able to lead with other experienced commanders, FWAPO and Bull Hour, it is likely that SWAT is returning to its refactor stage. Being a leader also comes with adhering to many liabilities and ensuring that the army faces no hiatus in its activity.

What are your future plans for the army as a Leader?

FWAPO: My plans are bull’s and krill’s but we will not start anything until we increase that size currently we are maxing 7.5 to 10 that max needs to go up before doing and revealing any surprises.

Krill: My future plans as a leader in SWAT include introducing several virtues to the army. I will ensure that the community is entertained and is active. This is one big step to be a worthy competitor amongst other armies.

Given that you have been a Leader in Training in SWAT for some time – what are some of the learning experiences you have had that you would like to incorporate within the army as a Leader?

FWAPO: I learned that people will go for you, they will try their best to remove your interest in any way possible but being determined will not let you even flicker, and also it showed me what leading is really what it is, upon my time I’ve nearly spent most of my night (almost 6 hours), and also part of my day getting as much info as possible I’ve sacrificed my time to gain responsibility and learn everything I can, and as a 15-year-old leader I’ll have so much time on improving the army before going off.

Krill: In the past 3 years, there were many things to learn. With my proficient administration and communication skills, it is likely that SWAT will not rise with a whimper, but a bang. My experience in SWAT will help me make arrangements that will resolve issues I used to have once as a troop.

Could you share your favorite memory/memories of the army, if it’s not too personal?

FWAPOI really enjoyed old times, I probably won’t be so specific but 2021 swat was so awesome and even 2022 followed by reaching #1 two times in 2023 all of those years included unforgettable memories from even meeting people IRL which were so amazing!!! but now we dropped, but that won’t stop us from dominating and improving as much as we can!

Krill: My presence itself is one big memory to myself and to the community. Some of my other memories include promises I kept to the community, which I still remember and will try my best to fulfill. My lifetime is insufficient to elaborate all my memories on this page.

If you could name one thing that you look forward to as a Leader, what would it be?

FWAPOTo make swat reach #1.

Krill: In short, uplift. Being a leader is simple if experience and teamwork is brought collectively, which is being complemented in SWAT. Uplift is one term that holds all my words. It includes bringing activity, coming together, and having the motivation to showcase your valor.

Where do you see the army going in about a year’s time from now?

FWAPO: I see it improving really strongly as on what I am analysing I am seeing people hoping in more and more every 1-2 weeks but us recruiting and working hard in getting troops and staff active I am seeing swat being in on its good performance by January 2024.

Krill: In a year now, it is likely that SWAT will uphold, outlive, and outshine many competitors. The SWAT Corporation promises this evolution. SWAT will transform the battlefield into green grass with the love of loving and care of caring. Salutations on behalf of the Agents and the Agency!

With a new team of leaders in place, it seems that the Agents are all set to achieve greater things for the army and leave a mark on the community once again. Even though Legoman has retired, Bull, FWAPO, and Krill are determined to make the army better under their leadership. We look forward to seeing how the army performs under their reign. Club Penguin Armies wishes all four of them and the Special Weapons and Tactics, the very best in all of their future endeavors. What do these events hold for the future of the army? How will the Agents fare under the new leadership?

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