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Welcome back to Army Front, the column in which we dive into the achievements of this week’s standout army. In this edition, we’re delving into the remarkable success of the Elite Guardians as a non-English-speaking force.

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The Elite Guardians of Club Penguin started as a project for a new Nachos colony in 2016. However, it officially opened its doors as an army on October 19th, 2017. The army was founded by S/M Army Legend Cookky2, a former Nachos leader, and Army Legend Edu14463, a former Water Ninjas leader. Some of their greatest achievements include winning the Christmas Chaos tournament in 2017 and 2018. They also secured third place in the 2018 Legends Cup.

A recent EGCP event

The Guardians have participated in many wars, most notably against the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Templars in 2019. Due to a lack of interest from its members, the army unfortunately announced its closure in a post titled “O Fim de uma Era e o Início de um Legado” on January 27, 2020. Despite closing their doors and facing inactivity among many members of their Brazilian base, the Elite Guardians made a surprising return in May 2023. Securing a maximum size of thirty-two penguins during their re-opening event, the Guardians quickly regained their status as a Major army.

EGCP re-opening event

Since their return, the Guardians have made a mark in the army community, securing the number one spot on the Top Ten Armies of the Month in both September and October. Not shying away from conflict, they launched attacks to claim territory on the Club Penguin Armies server map, targeting the BASEDment Demons, Penguins of Madagascar, and the Special Weapons and Tactics. The Guardians moved on to participate in World War IX, securing a position in the Blue Sunset Alliance against the Sapphire Concordat. Following the conclusion of the non-aggression pact between the participating armies, the Guardians found themselves in a one-on-one war against the Army of Club Penguin. Although demonstrating immense strength, the Guardians faced defeat at the hands of the Clovers after 34 battles. In recent weeks, the Guardians waged war against SWAT, citing several allegations against the army.

Battle between ACP and EGCP

The leaders of the Guardians have prided themselves on the rich culture developed in their army. While EGCP was initially intended to be a predominantly Portuguese-speaking community, the leadership has worked to establish it as a home for troops from all regions. In July of this year, the international division of the army was re-opened, aiming to break down language barriers within their ranks. Most recently, EGCP established a university within their community, intending to teach English, army basics, and Club Penguin army history to members aspiring to become staff or high command members. With such a strong focus on the education and experience of their troops, it is no surprise that the Guardians have seen immense growth in size this year.

EGCP university announcement

Club Penguin Armies reached out to leaders Yellow and Lass for thoughts on their historic army.

Yellow: In terms of success and victories over the years in EGCP (in the army context), I would say I am most proud of our warfare achievements from 2017 to date. For example, we were able to destroy Templars in war three times out of three, were able to beat RPF in war in 2018, were able to take out every army on CP Brazil in 2017, and were able to rise to become a strong power by 2018. I’d also say I am quite proud of the many armies we helped over the years, although I was not very active then, I was able to witness our army help out several armies with the New Viking Alliance back in 2019, I think the Pizza Federation and Winged Hussars being the main armies at that time. It is also important to add that we were one of the first armies to take a stand against the corrupt CPPS, CP Online.

In terms of our success in the context of our army’s culture/family/etc, I also am quite proud of our ability to fight to the very end and our resilience. I mean, we are a strong army in culture and will to succeed, and even if we do not win ever war or tournament, we put up an extremely good fight, and that’s undeniable. A lot of our members have achieved tons of success in this army as well, and many of them were named as legends or honorable mentions, and that deserves admiration as well. Ultimately, though, the best success in terms of the greater picture would be the family we developed. Nothing is more important to me than the family and culture we developed at EGCP, as it is our home. It was our homes as kids escaping life, and it is our home as teenagers and young adults wanting to continue this family we built back then, and that to me, is ultimately the greatest success we can say we have. Many armies have families, but none will ever have a family quite as ours.

Lass: To first understand the victories of EGCP, you need to understand the process we underwent. The construction of our hype is the first step of it all, it is our main life force and the biggest reason for all of our achievements. Our past victories and our recent rise are main examples of our hype power, as expected and mentioned throughout several articles. I believe this is our biggest victory, since without this flowing energy that runs throughout the members in the ranks, we would not be a glimpse of what we are. No army has an onthology or a culture like us, it is our specialty that makes us shine. This fact is proven by the way our members interact in our ranks, many of them have only EGCP as their primary army and most quit the army community altogether when EGCP entered it’s first hiatus in 2020, instead of searching for another army. In short, our cheerful nature to triumph in spite of the odds and our sense of community has made us reach the top and stay on it.

With Yellow and Lass both articulating their pride and accomplishment, the Elite Guardians have undoubtedly cemented themselves as a powerhouse of the modern army community. The Guardians have proven their competence against contemporaries on the battlefield and in the Top Ten, leaving many spectators eager to witness the EGCP war machine once again. Though their current war opponents in Special Weapons and Tactics seek to evade them, EGCP leaders seem determined to continue their streak of success. How will the Elite Guardians fare as the year draws to an end?

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