Raid to Retribution: Elite Guardians Declare War on Special Weapons and Tactics

Following a raided event on CPA Battleground, the Elite Guardians have officially declared war on the Special Weapons and Tactics. Join us as we cover how this conflict unfolded and discern the perspectives of each army.

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On the 4th of November, the Elite Guardians [EGCP] issued a declaration of war against the Special Weapons and Tactics [SWAT]. In a post written by Guardians’ leader Belga, a series of accusations were leveled against SWAT and their high command. The Guardians disclosed that a member of SWAT’s high command, Fun X Time, had authorized a raid on their event. It isn’t unheard of for one army to accidentally enter a room where another army is located. However, a screenshot presented by the Guardians provided alleged evidence that the raid was intentional. Furthermore, EGCP leadership expressed personal animosity towards SWAT for their previous attempt to establish the Guardians as a SWAT colony before their revival. Additionally, EGCP referenced World War IX and SWAT’s role in the attempt to defeat the Elite Guardians.

SWAT Leader-in-Training authorizing an EGCP event raid

In recent months, the Special Weapons and Tactics have found themselves embroiled in a series of controversies. Following the culmination of Beach Brawl III, their diplomatic ties unraveled. In a shocking move, the People’s Imperial Confederation formally severed their brother alliance with SWAT. Moreover, in the wake of Beach Brawl’s conclusion, both the Water Vikings and the Elite Guardians swiftly declared SWAT as an enemy. Additionally, conflict between SWAT and the Templars led to a complete seizure of their nation. After these developments, SWAT’s high-ranking members assumed a more prominent role in the day-to-day operations of the army, with the prolonged absence of leader Legoman becoming increasingly noticeable.

Beach Brawl III: SWAT vs. PIC vs. FG

SWAT has continued to host several events per week, averaging sizes of between 7 to 12 troops. Most recently, SWAT participated in the Trick or Treat Trials, securing a maximum size of eight penguins during the battle. While SWAT’s high command has made significant efforts to enhance the army’s status, many speculate that the alleged raid serves as a clear illustration of their lack of a dependable leader. Though there is an intense and complicated history, it’s hard to deny the significant role SWAT has played in various conflicts throughout the year.

Trick or Treat Trials: SWAT vs. HF vs. TCP

Since their historical comeback this year, the Elite Guardians have played a pivotal role in several conflicts. Swiftly reclaiming their status as a Major army, the Guardians dove directly into the army scene, invading the BASEDment Demons just a week after their revival. Participating in the Blue Sunset Alliance during World War IX, EGCP declared war on the Army of Club Penguin. Soon after, they faced conflict against armies in the Sapphire Concordat.

Blue Sunset Alliance vs. Sapphire Concordat

The Guardians moved to participate in Legends Cup XIII, suffering a loss during the semi-finals of the tournament. Experiencing substantial growth and success, EGCP channeled their high energy into another war against the Clovers. Though the Guardians faced defeat at the hands of the Clovers after an impressive 34 battles, they still managed to earn their place as the number one army throughout September.

EGCP vs. ACP, Invasion of Famagusta

In recent weeks, the Elite Guardians have maintained their dominance in the weekly top ten. Once again securing the number one spot throughout October, the Guardians have seen success over the past few months. Although SWAT and EGCP have not succeeded in establishing positive relations since World War IX, the conflict between them was unexpected. As a map reset is pending, neither army currently holds territory on the Club Penguin Armies server map. In war terms presented by EGCP, it appears the Guardians sought a landless war.

War Terms

In a recent development, Fun X Time has announced that SWAT has no intentions of participating in the war. SWAT claims that the raid had only peaceful intentions, stating that EGCP misunderstood their response. Despite the screenshot of the alleged raid, SWAT has denied all accusations of wrongdoing. It should be noted that from a Club Penguin Armies perspective, this war is operating externally. This means that the administration has no jurisdiction to enforce any battles or war terms. Though this conflict appears to be short-lived, the pending map reset leaves a new era of possibilities for army rivalries and warfare.

Statement by SWAT Leader-in-Training Fun X Time

To learn more about their stance, Club Penguin Armies reached out to SWAT Leader-in-Training, FWAPO. for a statement regarding the war declaration.

FWAPO: The raid wasnt meant to be a raid it was meant to be a freindly hello. Fun X Time wanted to entertain the attendance and he did what he did, you can see him entering saying “hello ,nice to meet you. Again,”the raid was not a raid it was just a freindly hello by SWAT! but EGCP seems to have old history they took the chance to declare war. I respect their decision but I believe there is a chance to fix things!! SWAT didn’t partake in the war because we can’t, we are maxing 10-12 every event but that cant lead to victory on a war. We can accept and do it but that’s just dumb, SWAT may have an old, never wanted events, but we have a future that will change everything!! We will not waste our time on such war when we know our results, we can partake this time improving our team, and trying to have high maxes every event.

Additionally, Club Penguin Armies reached out to EGCP leader Yellow to learn more about their thoughts on their war declaration and SWAT’s recent statement.

Yellow: Well, in my eyes, it has been long overdue for a war against SWAT. SWAT has been an absurdly corrupt army in the community for a while now (we can contribute this quite a bit to the leadership, naturally), and nobody has been happy with the army. We really do not put blame onto the members of the army, many of them seem quite friendly and nice. The issue is, the army is extremely neglected and is used only as a pawn to forward Lego’s ego. This army is so neglected, the initial raid just happened by a leader-in-training who definitely has no knowledge in proper diplomacy. Like I said in the post, whether the reasons or not, we simply cannot accept being outright attacked, and even moreso by an army that is so disgraceful like this one. While we do like to mention Legoman at times, the war is not entirely about him (as the post suggested), but it is important to remember where things stem from. Just, in general, SWAT since the return of EGCP, has not given us any nice regards. We are doing the community a favor, to be honest, and the community needs a little war to have fun.

In the case of their “rejection” of the conflict, it is quite ironic. This is part of the reason why we dislike SWAT in the first place; they ran from us and ACP back when ACP declared war and we began to schedule invasions on their land. One simply cannot just “reject” this war, how do you expect to avoid us? Trying to simply just not recongize a war destroying your army is quite negligent once again, especially with how times are now. So, to be honest, we do not care that much. If they want to look themselves look like even more fools, they can go ahead. Honestly, we just want a final resolution to this all – and that is for SWAT to change their ways and see the light. This might be impossible, but it’s okay, we will give it a try. All this is doing is adding more comedy into the mix, and making it much easier for us to win.

The history between the Elite Guardians and the Special Weapons and Tactics, though brief, has been marked by intensity. While the legitimacy of the alleged raid may be subject to debate, EGCP’s released screenshot appears to support their claim. From an administrative standpoint, there may be no grounds to enforce EGCP’s invasion, but the conflict is unlikely to end here. It is evident that SWAT plans to improve their army rather than facing EGCP directly, with a focus on size growth. EGCP, however, wants a final resolution to this, stating their issues go further than the event raid. Regardless of where one stands on the matter, the resurgence of conflict in the army community has surprised many. As a map reset approaches, only time will reveal what new or old conflicts may emerge.

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