Picture Perfect: The War of No Judges

A column once buried in depths of time, now reborn like a phoenix. Welcome to the fourth edition of Picture Perfect in which we shall analyze and remember the War of No Judges.

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Pictures are many things. To some, they are merely pixels or realistic depictions of reality. To others, pictures can be much more than something as simple as such. Picture Perfect aims to show the true nature of pictures to all. To show people just how beautiful they are and how they can aid us in remembering things that once have been lost in time.

This edition of Picture Perfect brings us to an era of chaos and forgotten memories. Specifically to the War of No Judges, the last world war on Club Penguin Rewritten. It was a conflict of a monumental scale, with the majority of the community taking a stance. Largely because of its sheer complexity, this war often does not give the remembrance it deserves. Thus, we shall shine light upon it once again.

Defense of Pine Needles

World War Eight was a massive conflict between the Western Bloc, the Vengeance Alliance and the Red Dawn Alliance. Reestablishing the old hostilities between the Silver Empire and the Help Force, one could say that the war has been a continuation of the Silver Rush. The Silver Rush began due to copious evidence pointing to troop stealing within the Silver Empire, often carried out by high-ranking staff, along with several instances of trash talk. Tensions continued to increase until they eventually boiled over on April 22, 2021. The leaders of Help Force declared war on the Silver Empire and created a post detailing allegations that had unfolded prior, together with the terms of the war.

The war lasted nine days, with the Helpers maxing consistently in the 40s, while Silvers did not show up for any battles. The final score of the war was 6-0-0 for the Help Force. The end of the war came with a cease-fire, however, this didn’t manage to soothe the hostilities between the two. It did provide the time required for Club Penguin Army Network [CPAN] to release a server map. Before this, no server map was available, allowing SE to not show up for any battles.

The first battle of the Silver Rush

Since the conclusion of the Silver Rush, six months had passed by. A server map had finally developed, allowing for more direct conflict between armies. Warfare between SE and HF resumed on 7th October, with the Helpers scheduling an invasion of Down Under. As a result, SE declared war on HF, declaring that ”There would be no third-party armies involved in the conflict.”

Several days had passed since the invasion of Down Under and the war began to escalate further. On 12th October, SE declared the creation of the Western Bloc, made up of the Silver Empire, Water Vikings and the Special Weapons and Tactics. Help Force moved to counter this ordeal with an alliance of their own, Project Vengeance, uniting the Help Force, the Army of Club Penguin, and the Red Ravagers.

However, the war persisted, and it was still unsure what CPAN’s opinion was on the SE’s war terms. Amidst the heavy conflict, a leak made its way around the community. The leak came from the Western Bloc and it detailed a loophole in the war terms that they were trying to exploit. The leak just furthered the motivation to invalidate SE’s war terms and the war itself. Red Ravagers ultimately took things into their own hands by declaring war on the Silver Empire, thus violating SE’s terms of war. Nonetheless, no action was taken against this violation. However, it provided the last spark in the broken powder keg that the war had been, allowing it to grow in size.

The leaked information

Facing a series of defeats, the Western Bloc expanded, with Water Vikings officially joining the fray against Help Force. Although not formally involved in the Vengeance Alliance, the Red Dawn Alliance, consisting of the People’s Imperial Confederation, Templars and the Dark Vikings provided support during battles. PIC was the only army from this alliance to become officially involved in the conflict. Joining the Vengeance Alliance, PIC moved to declare war upon the Water Vikings. The war quickly became recognized as World War Eight and the War of No Judges. It was a highly fitting name, considering that a vast portion of the Club Penguin Armies community participated. Additionally, the incredible lack of unaffiliated judges made it difficult for combat to ensue. As the war eventually came to an end, no official victor was proclaimed. All participating armies signed a non-aggression pact [NAP], agreeing to end the conflict. Furthermore, participating armies exchanged several servers as a means to establish peace. While no official victor is recognized in history, the impact of this war will be remembered for years to come.

NAP signed by armies of the Vengeance Alliance and Western Bloc

Thus concludes the tale of World War Eight together with our picture, and this edition of the Picture Perfect. World Wars are a large part of the army community’s history, and pictures will continue to tell stories of triumphs and defeats. The power of a photo to narrate stories that were once lost deserves recognition. The final question that one can ask is, what lesson have you learned from this story? Do you think another World War will arise soon? 

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