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Welcome to Army Front, the column where we catch up with this week’s stand-out army! This week, we are exploring how the Special Weapons And Tactics have remained active in the community despite all the hardships they have faced.

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The Special Weapons And Tactics was created by Ganger90 on July 7th, 2009. The army was created as a refuge for rogues in the Snow Forts on the server Mammoth. After many generations, SWAT was revived in 2020 by Zuke, Sweater, Jaylen and S Cargo 2. Back then, the army averaged sizes of 60 to 75 penguins. However, a lot has changed since then. SWAT has had many ups and downs but in July 2023 they lost their major army status. Following this, in August, they fought a war against the Templars. However, they were force-treated at the end of it, adding to their misfortune. Despite all of this, SWAT is still standing.

Last week in the Top Tens, SWAT had the biggest rise by ranking up two positions from their previous placement. This saw them climb from 9th place to 7th. This was not the only promising position that SWAT has been in recently. In August, SWAT battled it out against the People’s Imperial Confederation and the Friendly Gamers for the Beach Brawl III trophy. Whilst they did not win, they put up a tremendous fight against both armies. This gave the judges a hard time when deciding the winner. SWAT managed to earn one room win and a room tie. However, they lost out to PIC as the Confederation picked up an additional room win.

SWAT during the Beach Brawl tournament

The Special Weapons And Tactics still continue to hold events and keep their name alive in the army community despite their many war losses, leadership departures and criticism from the army community. They even participated in the recent Trick or Treat Trials Qualifiers. But how did they gain this momentum boost?

To find out more, Club Penguin Armies asked Legoman about his thoughts on the army and how much were they able to endure to get to where they are today.

Legoman: SWAT has survived for years due to the foreign relations skills of Toxic Storm. Long live Toxic Storm. He is a great leader. In all seriousness – SWAT is a phenomenal army with a rich history full of legendary individuals and was able to reach great heights within the past few years. Notably Ganger90 who created the army back in 2009 and has never wavered his dedication or faith in the army over the years, and still resides as a mentor to all SWATs staff and HCOM. This current CPPS generation of SWAT has lasted since 2020 and remained a constant presence in the army community. Specifically in 2023, SWAT reached #1 two times this year and had participated in an extreme amount of warfare, cementing SWAT as a staple of keeping the community alive and thriving. No matter the odds, warfare was always consistent. Especially with the hard-working team in SWATs High Command, the future holds big things for SWAT. We rise together, we fall together, SWAT Forever.

Legoman attributes the success and resilience of the army to its creator Ganger90. He was present in almost all of SWAT’s generations since the creation of the army. Even today, he continues to aid the army through all its ups and downs. Many members of the army see Ganger90 in high regard. His presence reflects the fighting and enduring spirit of the army. Despite the many wars and challenges it has faced, SWAT always gets back up. It could be said that SWAT is a phoenix within the army community which will not fall without a fight.

Will SWAT be able to keep up the momentum and reach greater maxes? Or will SWAT close down in the near future? Do you think a war will break out involving the army towards the end of the year? We, at Club Penguin Armies, wish them the best of luck in their future.

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