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Welcome back to Behind The Scenes, the column where we look into the day-to-day life of a community member. This time, we will look into the life of Mare, who currently serves as a Head Moderator and Head Judge.

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Mare began their army career in 2020 by joining the Special Weapons And Tactics. However, they were not new to the Club Penguin game. Mare played the original Club Penguin when it was still online, however, she did not join any armies. Instead, she played it for fun and explored the island.

Upon joining SWAT in April 2020, she knew how the game was played so she had no problem adjusting to the army culture. She quickly rose up the ranks but, as fate would have it, she stepped away after it merged into the Doritos of Club Penguin, unbeknownst to Ganger90, SWAT’s creator. SWAT soon made its comeback in May of the same year, however, Mare had other plans. Before SWAT made its comeback, on April 29th, Mare co-founded the One Direction Army alongside Aubz, TheEmoLatina23 and Crunkk. The army was initially a joke amongst friends but this joke soon turned into reality.

Whilst keeping the army name alive, Mare started participating in SWAT events once more and worked their way up the ranks. In August, Mare was named as the newest leader of SWAT. This would be the beginning of Mare’s biggest journey in the community. Two months later, Mare departed ODA and put all of their attention into SWAT. Mare’s time in SWAT was not straightforward but she led the army through many wars including the Eagre Foray against Water Vikings. Whilst WV did win the memorable Eagre Foray war, SWAT fought on and continued to participate in wars, gaining momentum along the way. Although, Mare’s most memorable achievement was yet to come.

SWAT vs WV during the Eagre Foray

In December 2021, Mare earned small/medium Army Legend status for their achievements. This achievement also acknowledged their time in Dua Inn Lipa Fighters (DILF), another army they created. DILF achieved maxes of 30 during their time, cementing themselves as a powerful SM army. During her tenure in SWAT, had many ups and downs. However, it was in early 2022 that Mare retired from the army, waving goodbye to army life for the final time

Despite retiring from SWAT, Mare still had duties in the community. Mare has been a judge since 2020 so continued performing her judging duties to the best of their abilities. Subsequently, they were promoted to Head Judge in April 2023. This was not the only role they had been working as though. They have also been serving as a Moderator for Club Penguin Armies and in August 2023 they became a Head Mod.

Wynn promoted Mare to the role of Head Moderator

When asked about their favourite moments in armies, Mare stated that the autumn season is always the best because people have spooky profile pictures, ready for Halloween. Not only this but CPABattleground always decorates the rooms in-game to celebrate, giving a real spooky vibe to the game.

Outside of Club Penguin armies, she loves photography, painting and shopping. So if you happen to see someone with a load of shopping bags, be sure to say hi! All jokes aside, one shop they love is Target as they can spend hours walking around looking at all the things they could buy. Luckily enough, Mare allowed us to share one of the pictures that she took on her travels. It truly captivates their artistic instincts.

A photo that Mare was able to take

To find out more about Mare, Club Penguin Armies approached them for an interview

When did you first start playing Club Penguin? Did you ever come across armies?

I joined Club Penguin in 2008! I did and I use to report them because I thought they were bots LOL.

Why did you choose the name Mare? Where did it come from?

When I joined Cparmies I was one of those people who had my full on first and last name as my username (do not recommend). Shortly after that, I realized that it was NOT smart to do that LOL. So, I decided to nickname myself to something that I get called IRL.

Do you think that armies have benefitted you in any way at all? If so, how?

Yes they definitely have because I met so many amazing people from them. As well as meeting all these people from different areas of the world. I always feel like armies are similar to school because everyone knows one another, or at least heard of your name. Also, now I randomly know most timezones which my friends are like why do you know them and I’m like ha ha …….don’t ask.

When you’re not behind the keyboard, who is Mare?

An annoying sister that bugs all my siblings (out of love ofc).

When did you first start getting into photography and why? Is it something that you regularly do?

I think in middle school was when I started getting interested because I took a class for photography! It is something I do for fun every so often especially if I’m traveling! Also, I would take portraits of people for their graduations/school events too:))

You’re currently a Head Mod and Head Judge but what’s next for Mare?

I’m not too sure! I enjoy going with the flow.

It seems like Mare has benefitted from being in the army community and gained many friends along the way. Alongside that, they had secret talents that not everyone knew about. They certainly are a talented individual, being an artist, a photographer, SM Army Legend, Head Mod, Head Judge and more. But what will the future hold for Mare? Will we see them return as an army member in the near future?

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