Community Reacts To Trick Or Treat Trials Qualifier Round

With the Trick or Treat Trials Qualifier Round taking place last weekend, discourse remains ever-present within the army community. The community has been ripe with conversations, not only about the nature of the tournament, but also regarding the results of the previous round and predictions for the Grand Finals.

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The 21st of October featured the first round of the Trick or Treat Trials, as six armies came onto the battleground making their way through the trick and treat rooms while  collecting points along the way. With every decision to enter a certain room controlling the army’s destiny, both the army’s choices and its performance mattered. This round had the Army of Club Penguin, the Elite Guardians, the Help Force, the Penguins of Madagascar, the Special Weapons and Tactics, and the Templars partake in what turned out to be a chaotic and spooky affair.

Opting to remain in the treat rooms due to their larger size, Help Force continued to secure convincing victories throughout the round. After remaining uncontested in two rooms and defeating the Crusaders and Agents in another, the Helpers ensured their participation in the Grand Finals this coming weekend. Facing a larger pool of armies in the trick rooms, the Army of Club Penguin faced heavy opposition from the Elite Guardians. Narrowly besting the Guardians in point count, the Clovers are set to face the Help Force in a clash for the tournament trophy.

Trick or Treat Trials – Trick Room 3

Club Penguin Armies spoke with several members of the community to learn their perspectives regarding the first round.

Lizzie, PIC Legend – I think that It’s not surprising that HF managed to make it past this round. HF were in a room with smaller armies than themselves, albeit say Templars, but after looking at event photos it is very clear that HF dominated their room. I do think that it was entertaining that both EGCP and ACP were put in the same room during the battle. EGCP have multiple times within the past 2 weeks been Number 1 on the Top Ten and within the past 5 weeks the top spot has been claimed by either EGCP or ACP. I think that this made the battle more challenging for both armies and therefore made the round more fun!

Aaronstone, Army Legend – Honestly I don’t like tournaments like this. I prefer the classic or group stage. Just makes everything a cluster f*** when you try to do things this way. But I do see how some people could consider it fun.

Spotty, CPAJ Head Judge – I thought it was interesting to see how armies quickly respond to challenges throughout a battle as it tests both their leadership and reaction skills. All armies seemed to react differently, for example Help Force only participated in treat rooms, helping them to win a place in the finals, whereas the others took a chance and tested their skills in the tricks room, highlighting to the community which leaders had more confidence in their leadership and adaptability skills.

Aurora, ACP General – I liked the battle, The tasks weren’t as bad as i was expecting because it’s not the typical format and i wasn’t sure what exactly we’d have to do, It was kind of chaotic but that makes sense with how many armies there were. I was happy to make it to the finals though.

Edu14463, CPA Senior Reporter and Moderator – Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch the tournament in the day, so I missed the opportunity of witnessing the chaotic battles that took place. Personally, I believe this was one of the most creative tournament formats to be put into practice. I mean, it’s not everyday that we see army leaders playing Cart Surfer while leading a room LOL. Imagine the tragedy if they didn’t have any co-leaders or HCOM to support them. It’s safe to say that armies had fun and enjoyed the Trials round. We definitely should see TOTT becoming a more frequent tournament in the following years.

With the Grand Finals of the Trick or Treat Trials swiftly approaching, many throughout the community view the tournament as a success thus far. Though some prefer tournaments with a standard bracket, general perceptions towards the qualifier seem to be favourable. Community members seem unsurprised with the result, despite several predictions that Elite Guardians would proceed the next round. Club Penguin Armies wishes the best of luck to the two finalists. Who will take home the Trick or Treat Trials trophy?

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