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Welcome back to “Behind the Scenes”, the column where we look into the day-to-day life of members of the community. In this post, we will be looking at the life of Edu14463, Major Army Legend, current Club Penguin Armies Senior Reporter, Moderator, and Top Ten Committee member.

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Edu14463 currently holds the titles of Senior Reporter, Moderator, and member of the Top Ten Committee in Club Penguin Armies. Furthermore, he earned induction as a Major Army Legend in 2019 for his significant contribution to Elite Guardians’ exceptional performance that year. In 2015, Edu was recruited by Jayden1092 into the Water Ninjas. It didn’t take long until Edu became a leader, assuming the role until 2016.  After his time with WN, his friend Cookky2 contacted him to discuss creating a Portuguese colony for Nachos. This colony later became known as EGCP. Work on the project unfortunately stopped in the middle of 2017, due to the shutdown of Club Penguin. Club Penguin’s private servers [CPPS] played a major role in the continuation of the EGCP project around October 2017.

Edu in an EGCP event

EGCP at that point became more than just a mere colony. With the help of the CPPS Club Penguin Brazil, EGCP became the new home for Portuguese-speaking army members. Edu and Cookky2 led the first EGCP event in October of 2017. His leadership lasted two years and three months, ending in January 2020. After the EGCP revival in May of 2023, Edu came back to the army community. Even though he no longer has a direct affiliation with the army, his contributions and influence have led to his appointment as the Consul of the Elite Guardians.

Edu has an extensive history in the Club Penguin Portuguese blogging and CPPS scene, starting from the year 2016. The experience gained from blogging has helped him grow into a skilled writer. His writing skills were evident in the articles he wrote, which eventually earned him the Senior Reporter role in CPA. Outside of armies, some of the hobbies he enjoys are playing games like Genshin Impact and reading philosophy books. He is an individual of faith, as he spent time praying and reading the Bible. In addition to everything mentioned, Edu is a physicist and a teacher. Offline, he enjoys visiting the countryside because he prefers peace and being surrounded by nature

One of Edu’s favorite games.

Club Penguin Armies was able to interview Edu14463 to discuss his army career and preferences further.

Why the name Edu?

‘Edu’ is my nickname in real life. It is the abbreviation of ‘Eduardo’, which in English would be ‘Edward’. For the ‘14463’ part, well, that’s quite embarrassing, haha. When I was child, I wanted to create a penguin named ‘EduGostoso’ (in English “HotEdu”), or something like that. However, the system wouldn’t allow that, so it suggested ‘Edu14463’. And I just accepted the suggestion LOL.

What are your favorite memories in armies?

My favorite memory, one that I could never forget, sends me back to December 2018. It was the finals of Christmas Chaos. EGCP would face the Pirates and Templars in a three-way battle. In that day, the army broke its size record, reaching a max size of 65+. We revolted against the Army League, and boycotted the tournament, challenging the League’s corruption (CPOAL). It was the peak of EGCP domination, and I am proud to say this led several armies to revolt as well. The troops were hyped, the leaders were ecstatic… It is indeed a day to remember.

Can you tell us more about your hobbies?

I’m a quite simple man. I do not possess so many hobbies as one individual would, so it’s quite hard to think of another hobby besides the ones I mentioned. Nevertheless, if I could mention other, I’d say I am a really sociable and outgoing person, so I really enjoy spending hours talking about various topics.

Portuguese is said to be a difficult language to learn, do you have any tips for the community members trying to learn it?

I’m led to believe that Portuguese is harder than English and a few other languages. The vocabulary is easy, since it comes from Spanish, French, and Latin, mostly. However, if someone wants to learn Portuguese, I’d highly suggest learning the verbs and how to conjugate them properly. It’s a tip to nail every language.

Ronaldo or Messi?

I’m not into soccer, so I don’t feel qualified to express my opinions on the matter. Nevermind, Ronaldo is better.

What are your future plans in the army community?

I don’t plan to lead again, nor to join any other armies. I feel I’ve accomplished what I wanted to during the years I spent leading. It’s time for the future generations to walk on their own legs to keep up with the legacy the first generation of EGCP started. I plan to remain working inside the organization, going up the ranks and working hard to build a better community to everyone.

It is clear that Edu isn’t looking to lead again anytime soon. Moreover, he seems content with his current role as CPA Senior Reporter. The work he contributed to the army community and the Club Penguin Portuguese community will leave a lasting legacy for years to come. We wish Edu all the best in his future in the army community. With all that said, do you think Edu will help us with our physics homework?

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