Trick Or Treat Trials: Qualifier Round Results

Subsequent to a battle overloaded with surprises and excellent performances, the first round of Trick or Treat Trials has concluded. Only two armies proceed to the finals in a showdown that will be highly anticipated by onlookers.

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As the first event of its kind, the Qualifier Round of Trick or Treat Trials occurred on October 21st. A total of six armies participated for the opportunity of reaching the Grand Finals. With the clash consisting of “Trick” and “Treat” Rooms, armies were required to accumulate points which would be compiled in a final score. Trick Rooms would feature gimmicks or tasks to complete, while Treat Rooms behaved as regular battles.

The armies that partook in the opportunity to qualify for a place in the Trick or Treat Trials finals were:

  • Army of Club Penguin
  • Elite Guardians of Club Penguin
  • Help Force
  • Templars 
  • Special Weapons and Tactics
  • Penguins of Madagascar

Treat Rooms

With the first Treat Room being announced as the Dojo, the Help Force were the only army to enter. Being the sole competitor of the room, the Helpers were awarded a total of +5 points. In the second room, HF were met with opposition from the Templars and Special Weapons and Tactics. Though each army displayed their best efforts, Help Force’s grand size secured them another victory. The Crusaders and Agents were rewarding with +1 point each, while the Helpers accumulated +3 points. Echoing the beginning of the round, the final room featured an uncontested Help Force. Earning themselves another staggering +5 points, the Helpers qualified for the Grand Finals with a total of 13 points.

Trick or Treat Trials – Treat Room 2

Trick Rooms

Contrasted with the relatively uncontested Treat Rooms, the Trick Rooms featured the vast majority of the qualifying round’s activity. With the Trick Task being that armies couldn’t make formations, only the Elite Guardians failed to comply. The Army of Club Penguin, Templars, Penguins of Madagascar and Special Weapons and Tactics earned +3 points each after remaining formless for ten minutes. Both the Guardians and Clovers were awarded another +2 points for their dominance in the room.

Trick or Treat Trials – Trick Room 1

The second room’s Trick Task pitted one leader from each army in the notorious Cart Surfer mini-game. Achieving a higher score than the other armies, the Penguins of Madagascar were rewarded +3 points. Matching one another in strength once more, the Army of Club Penguin and Elite Guardians tied to receive +2 points. Lastly, participants of the third room were tasked with responding with “BOO” if they saw the judges doing the E+9 emote. With the Templars being the sole army to fail the task, the five remaining armies claimed +3 points. For a third consecutive room, ACP and EGCP tied in combat for another +2 points. Narrowly defeating the Guardians in point count, the Army of Club Penguin will be proceeding to the finals after amassing 12 points.

Trick or Treat Trials – Trick Room 3

Qualified Armies – Help Force and Army of Club Penguin

Trick or Treat Trials – Points Table

Club Penguin Armies reached out to leaders ROOBOO and Austinfraud, leaders of the Help Force and Army of Club Penguin respectively, for their thoughts regarding the results and about the qualifying round broadly.

ROOBOO, HF Leader: I think the results were fair. This amazing and creative tournament was made upon strategy and let’s say some will added to it since you cannot predict which army is going where. I believe we chose the wisest strategy in order to get the highest points but we lost the fun part. Like let’s be real if we’re thinking strategy, how will a 30+ army change outfits faster than a 15+ you feel me? Hence we knew it’s safer to win a treat room. But trust me when u tell you: every room we wanted to go to a trick room but somehow we choose the treat room!

All armies fought hard but we cannot deny that ACP and EGCP killed it once again. They battled head to head like it was so close and I’m sad I didn’t see the rooms myself but I imagine the chaos for all the armies there. I think based upon the points shown in the announcement later on that it was fair. Thanks CPA for this amazing experience, can’t wait for the Grand Finals, and I really hope more creative tournaments like this one is made in the future! I’m down to help!

Austinfraud, ACP Leader: I was really looking forward to the tournament because I knew there would be tasks to perform. It was an opportunity to put my leading skills to the test, and I did not want to pass it up. I’m convinced that only EGCP and ACP had the most fun during this tournament. I knew EGCP was going to be at all the trick rooms so shout-out to EGCP for making it super fun. I’m sure all the participating armies enjoyed it as much as my staff, HCOM, and troops did. I took a huge gamble on deciding to do all trick rooms but it paid off and now we’re looking forward to the finals. #BEWARETHEGREENMACHINE

With the curtains drawing on the qualifier round of Trick or Treat Trials, the Army of Club Penguin and Help Force will be meeting in the Grand Finals on Saturday for an opportunity to claim the trophy. Featuring clashes that were chaotic and frightening, it is undeniable that the Trials have amounted to be a success thus far. Though thoughts of the community are yet to be gauged in the upcoming “Community Reacts” report, many are sure to be anticipating the battle on October 28th. Which finalist will secure the ultimate treat of a brand new trophy?

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    I told Templars to do Boo! And I don’t like being in sixth place in this tournament.

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