Six Years of Elite Excellence: EGCP Celebrates 6th Anniversary

The Elite Guardians have been a dominating force throughout their six years of existence. As the army celebrates its esteemed sixth anniversary, let’s look back on their historic legacy as a major army.

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Cookky2 and Edu14463 formally developed the Elite Guardians in October 2017, originally intending for it to be a Nachos Portuguese-speaking colony. Edu and Cookky were determined to make their vision come to life, despite the unpopularity of armies based in Brazilian time zones. The army community was met with a colossal of inactivity upon the closure of Disney’s Club Penguin. However, this didn’t stop the Guardians as they utilized various Club Penguin Private Servers [CPPS] for their events. Achieving a max of 10 penguins at their first-ever event, a pathway for success was paved by their leadership. Their intense recruiting led to a size increase of 30+ penguins, proving themselves as a major army. Their efforts laid the foundation of what would turn into the army’s first golden age.

One of EGCP’s first events

The Elite Guardians are no strangers to warfare, participating in many conflicts over the years. As a member of the New Viking Alliance, the Guardians fought against the Underground Mafias Army in 2018. EGCP developed an ongoing hostility with the Templars, facing off against them in several wars. The Guadians’ conquests didn’t end there, as they found themselves in the semi-finals of the 2018 Legends Cup. Meeting the Rebel Penguin Federation on the battlefield, EGCP secured a maximum size of 60+. The Guardians narrowly lost the tournament, which led to tension with the Rebels. EGCP moved to participate in World War VII against RPF. A member of the Red Dawn Alliance, consisting of armies such as the Templars and Pizza Federation, the coalition was able to achieve sizes of 50+.

EGCP vs. RPF Legends Cup semi-finals (2018)

Belga, Ramlass, Fitsuki, and Joseph revived the Elite Guardians in May 2023 after more than three years of inactivity. Achieving a maximum size of 32 at their reopening event, the Guardians achieved major army status just six weeks after their revival. Since then, EGCP has continued to leave a lasting and influential impact on the army community. The Guardians proceeded to make several moves to establish themselves on the Club Penguin Armies server map. EGCP scheduled multiple invasions of Special Weapons and Tactics and BASEDment Demons territory. Their endeavor for establishment didn’t end there; furthermore, they moved to try and conquer the Penguins of Madagascar’s land through another invasion. Though their attempts at expansion came with several problems, the Guardians’ had once again established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

EGCP’s re-opening event

Most recently, the Guardians saw involvement in World War IX. EGCP participated in the Blue Sunset Alliance made up of EGCP, the Water Vikings, and the Rebel Penguin Federation. Following BSA’s war declaration on the Army of Club Penguin, the Sapphire Concordat joined the conflict to aid the Clovers. The Guardians participated in a head-on war against SCA, consisting of the Army of Club Penguin, People’s Imperial Confederation, Special Weapons and Tactics, Napalm Corps, and the Penguins of Madagascar. However, their era of warfare didn’t end there as they entered another conflict against the Clovers. After over two weeks of conflict and 32 battles, ACP issued a force treaty to EGCP. Although faced with defeat, the Guardians have since continued to dominate the weekly Top Ten, achieving first place in the most recent edition.

Battle between ACP and EGCP

On the 19th of October, the Elite Guardians held their sixth anniversary event. Achieving a maximum size of sixty-one penguins online, the event was full of celebration and reminders of their historic legacy.

EGCP’s sixth anniversary event

To learn more about the Elite Guardians’ legacy over the past six years, Club Penguin Armies reached out to EGCP leader Fitsuki for an interview

Which of EGCP’s accomplishments over the past six years are you most proud of?

I can mention several things that I am proud of at Elite Guardians, such as the fact that we never lowered our heads for anything and were one of the first to oppose the CPOAL tyranny.

What do you believe has contributed to EGCP’s success the most?

Certainly, one of the things that contributed most to the growth of EGCP was the linguistic factor combined with its foreign policy, which guaranteed it as the only successful Portuguese-speaking army, practically monopolizing the recruitment of Brazilians and Portuguese.

Looking back on your army’s history, is there anything you’d change?

Every event that happened in the EGCP history was essential to get it to where it is now. So no, I wouldn’t change anything.

What are the key qualities or attributes that you believe define EGCP’s legacy?

The greatest quality of Elite Guardians is certainly the unity among its members, many have become great friends and consider EGCP a family. Furthermore, few members went to other armies after the hiatus we had, the majority of soldiers remained solely in EGCP.

Do you have any favorite memorable moments from EGCP?

My favorite moment in Elite Guardians was in mid-2019, when the Summer Circuit was happening, and EGCP invaded the territories of countless armies, especially late at night.

As the Elite Guardians celebrate six years of success and prosperity, there is no doubt that they have left a historical impact on the army community. Through triumph and loss, the Guardians have established themselves as a powerful force, one that thrives under multiple circumstances. While only time will tell us what the Guardians accomplish next, it is clear that they continue to demonstrate a lasting legacy for their army. Club Penguin Armies congratulates EGCP on this historical milestone, and wish them all the best in their future.

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