Meet The Judges Of The Trick Or Treat Trials

With the start of the Trick or Treat Trials only a few hours away, seven formidable armies are gearing up to compete. It is the perfect time to introduce the judges who will be carefully watching over the first round of spooky battles.

Trick or Treat Trials Judges

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The Trick or Treat Trials is a two day tournament, starting on October 21 with the Grand Finals occurring on October 28.Aiming to make this spooky season unforgettable, the Army of Club Penguin, Elite Guardians, Help Force, TemplarsSpecial Weapons and Tactics, People’s Imperial Confederation, and Penguins of Madagascar are joining the competition. As usual, the Head Judges appointed the judges who will oversee the first battles. With such an innovative dynamic and rules, the judges are surely going to need to stay on their toes.

Consequently, Club Penguin Armies reached out to the assigned judges in order to understand their expectations for the tournament and learn their judging parameters. Regrettably, we were only able to converse with four of the five judges.

Could you introduce yourself and provide a brief overview of your background in armies and expertise in the field of judging?

Da Best: Hello there, I am Da Best (everyone’s favorite judge and everyone will state otherwise when asked). I’ve been in a few armies: notably created an army named Janitors in 2020, where you may see me using it as a name when people ask me who I think will win a battle or tournament that I am judging, or otherwise just watching (as I don’t believe that judges should pick a side on who they think will win a battle as that’s one way to get killed for being bias). I began judging in 2021 shortly after returning to the community following Club Penguin Army Hub dying which, since then, I’ve judged a few tournaments: notably being Legends Cup XI, Legends Cup XII and March Madness Grand Finals.

Mchappy: I am Mchappy, the current Chief Executive Producer at Club Penguin Armies. I’ve judged a few battles here and there during my time.

Popcorny: My name is Popcorny, I have been in the community for a while and have had minor successes in armies. Judging wise I have most recently been judging the World War and have done many tournament Grand Finals before that.

Shpec: So I joined armies in 2021 when I joined Rebel Penguin Federation, and that’s where I’ve stayed since. I started as a judge in late 2022; I’ve judged quite a number of battles and have a fair amount experience.

What do you think is the key factor in deciding the winner of a battle?

Da Best: I am more on the side of clarity and speed being more important than anything else, and not room sniping. I have been involved in battles where an army can have a size difference of ten and still lose due to bunching and overall being slow. Even though size is a huge factor, it’s no good if somehow you look smaller than the other army (I have also had that a few times).

Mchappy: I think the key factor in deciding the winner of any battle is dominance. Who is setting the tone of the battle? That army usually gets my pick to win.

Popcorny: I think the key factor is reading the Club Penguin Armies’ post regarding how to win the battle.

Shpec: Some judges have their preferences for a “key factor” whether it be size, speed or whatever. I tend to see it in more of a “whole form” with no key factor but rather the effect that a change or a decision has on the performance of the army. One of the best things an army can do in battle, in my opinion, is to force a change in their opponent because sometimes that throws off their rhythm and if they cant recover.

So overall, I don’t really find that there is a key factor in battle but a combination of factors that determines the battle’s outcomes. Its a mix of measurable factors like size, speed, covering and the others, as well as a certain “feel” for the more prominent army where one army just performs better even though they may be lacking in one measurable aspect. Judges appreciate something fresh and new, the “creativity” aspect of battles has sometimes been criticized in its inclusion for judging, but that again adds to one of the more immeasurable “feel” parts of the performance, and helps to demonstrate the “range” of a battle. But, of course, that’s a secondary factor, and really only helps if whatever new form, etc., is effective, so sometimes the boilerplate cookie cutter fighting style is good as well.

What are your expectations for the first round of the Trick or Treat Trials?

Da Best: In short, everyone getting confused with the points system. I don’t think anyone will understand how the points will work, especially in the Trick room, which I think will give quality entertainment as everyone tries to solve who gets points and how many each army in a room should get rooms.

Mchappy: When it comes to the Trick or Treat Trials, things are different. I’m expecting a lot of chaos, and some laughs, but at the end of the day I am hoping to see competitiveness. This is one of the few tournaments where strategy aside from “recruit Roblox troops” can come into play. While I am eager to see it all play out, I am hoping everyone makes great memories today.

Popcorny: I am yet to read the aforementioned post regarding how to win the battle so I have no expectations, I’ll read it ten mins before.

Shpec: Well, to be honest, I don’t know what to expect, but I do know it’ll be fun! (As a judge at least, can’t speak for the participants.) This is a new format with the “Trick” rooms that certainly spice things up, so yeah, it’ll be fun.

The judges are visibly excited about this new tournament format and, correspondingly, are hoping, above all, that the armies have fun in this round. Furthermore, they are undoubtedly highly qualified individuals to preside over the judgments in these battles that will take place in a few hours. What are your expectations for this afternoon’s tournament?

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Mchappy is interning at Club Penguin Armies as the Chief Executive Producer. Max held him at gunpoint to finish his biography.

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