HCOM Life Stories: Ggogle from People’s Imperial Confederation

Welcome to the twenty-fourth edition of the “Higher Command Life Stories” column. We conversed this week with the invigorating Ggogle, a Generał-pułkownik of the People’s Imperial Confederation.

Ggogle HCOM

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During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ggogle first joined the army community in May 2020. Enlisting in the Special Weapons and Tactics after being recruited by its creator, Ganger90, he remained active in the army for approximately three years. During his extensive tenure, Ggogle quickly climbed to higher ranks. He has undoubtedly gained considerable experience in armies, having partaken in several relevant events and conflicts, with the most recent being the third iteration of Beach Brawl. 

Ggogle in a SWAT event

Ggogle in a SWAT event

Although the time he spent in SWAT indicates a strong adherence to the value of devotion, even the most faithful of troops are not immune to dissatisfaction. At some point around the aforementioned tournament, Ggogle felt SWAT was no longer aligned with his sense of belonging. A few weeks after he left SWAT, Shallissa, the People’s Imperial Confederation Chairwoman, offered him the position of third-in-command in the army. Ggogle has since achieved the rank of Generał-pułkownik (second-in-command), happily working among the other members of the Confederates’ High Command (HCOM).

Beach Brawl III, one of Ggogle’s favorite events

Ggogle describes himself as a compassionate individual who takes delight in the companionship of friends and family, constantly striving to safeguard their well-being. Additionally, he presents himself as a pragmatist, valuing the present over fretting about the future. As for his hobbies, Ggogle asserts he is a huge fan of playing basketball and listening to music. In his free time, playing Roblox is also one of his favorite pastimes. As a Higher Command, he certainly utilizes his strong personality to serve his army. Moreover, in the words of the PIC Commander Shalissa:

Since joining PIC, Ggogle has fit into our community very well. His character is very unique and we absolutely adore him. He is very innovative and strives for PIC to try new things and have lots of fun. Recently, Ggogle organized a song tournament called “Confederation Carols”, where members of PIC vote for their favorite song through a bracket. We admire him deeply and appreciate all of his work. His presence in PIC has paved a bright future for our army, and I look forward to seeing what new ideas he will bring to our team next!

Club Penguin Armies spoke with Ggogle regarding his tenure as HCOM and reflections of his career thus far.

What is a favorite memory of yours in Club Penguin Armies and/or PIC?

For PIC, winning Beach Brawl III is one of my favorite memories that I remember. Also while sadly losing, World War IX was a very good memory too. We lost but it was a fun loss

How would you describe your job as a PIC HCOM? What do you do there?

Being a PIC HCOM is great! While you aren’t able to make big decisions like events and what not, you can do something fun like a game night here, a music vote there. The leaders are open to really anything you suggest to them. The other HCOMs at PIC are welcome to anybody and is a good group to work with! Some people such as the Leaders, Kyra, Saber, Kobi, Cabin, Deep, Cassie, Greg, and many more! Everyone listed got me to this point, as if they made me feel welcome to PIC, been with me before PIC or even is a jokester, I appreciate all HIcoms.

Could you share with us some of your plans for your career in PIC?

My biggest plan is to rise PIC to a major army, it may be tough but it will happen I will tell you that now. Another plan is to invite alot more people and figure out a way to get many people to join, im still figuring out the BEST way to get someone to join, but for now a simple trust of word is fine for now.

Is there any particular figure who inspired you to get this far?

Definitely Legoman and Shallissa. Legoman before inspired me to recruit when I was in SWAT and even after he was the reason I’m still in armies. And Shallissa, she welcomed me into her army for what seems like for no reason. If she didn’t DM me that one day I wouldn’t be in armies right now.

Do you have any advice to give to those who aspire to become HCOM just like you?

Here are some tips for whoever wants to be a HCOM: Attend events, help out (anything fits this like inviting, suggestions, camera man etc.), don’t be edgy, be nice, follow TOS, and don’t be rude, nobody will like you. You should be nice to the people you want to impress or show you are worthy of HCOM. If you think you are worthy of being an HCOM, then prove it by being a team player, if only 9 people showed up, make sure your at least trying to improve that. It takes a lot to have that much power. Most people that get HCOM have to go through many ranks to even be there and they deserve that. If you are known as a good person and can be trusted, you can be offered positions in other armies too (thats if you leave your army like I did but that’s beside the point). Whatever you do always comes back to you so that’s why you need to know yourself if your capable of HCOM.

With his extensive experience in both SWAT and PIC, Ggogle has unquestionably evolved into a highly proficient and dependable second-in-command. He certainly aspires to a promising future for his career, arming himself with his inspiring enthusiasm and joy. The Club Penguin Armies organization offers its thanks to Ggogle for the conversation and wishes him the best of luck in his army career. Will he accomplish his goal of bringing PIC to major army status?

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