Special Report: Elite Guardians’ Recent Week With Club Penguin Avalanche

As reason for delaying the Top Ten, the administration and Top Ten Committee Heads deliberated and have decided to void all of Elite Guardians’ recent Club Penguin Avalanche events.

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Providing Context

On October 1, Club Penguin Armies announced that the Elite Guardians (EGCP) would have a six point deduction from their score due to hiding three event submissions. Our decision was based on the fact that even if EGCP had no ill intentions, failure to submit multiple events unfairly manipulates an army’s Top Ten score. EGCP issued a public apology stating:

I apologize for the inconveniences caused. My responsibility were only to find the US events, and since most of the writers team and the other divisions team deadlines were too tight, we posted the event quite a bit later. We will make sure that this won’t happen again.
We took EGCP’s word, and since then we have not had a problem with event hiding. However, a week later, our Top Ten release on October 8 also had another insistence of Top Ten complications involving EGCP. The Top Ten committee Heads and administration agreed that EGCP had exaggerated some of their sizes for their event submissions. Ultimately, we decided against a further deduction as we felt that would be excessive to EGCP after our previous deduction. Our organization gave EGCP the benefit of the doubt and decided to correct their size claims instead of doing a deduction on top of a recount.

Current Predicament

The current chronology of our issues according to our investigation stems back to October 6. EGCP leader Fitsuki was seen freely advertising the Elite Guardians’ upcoming events in the main discussion channel of Club Penguin Avalanche’s discord server— talking about the army’s upcoming events and going as far as requesting members of the Club Penguin Avalanche discord to attend their event.

Whilst it is not uncommon for armies to advertise themselves to a general audience, we took note of how it was not moderated (like most private servers have historically). This raised concerns about Club Penguin Avalanche and Elite Guardians being partnered— a concern that was addressed by the two parties but nonetheless interesting that was allowed to transpire. This would be a regular occurrence as well with another recent example being Sunday morning.

Promoting the Elite Guardians event in the main chat of Avalanche’s Discord server

Our concerns were not limited to the lack of moderation of EGCP’s advertising as on October 8, EGCP held a Card-Jistu tournament which was marred by controversy. Whilst advertising the event in Club Penguin Avalanche’s discord, promised an “exclusive item on Club Penguin Avalanche.” In the end, Club Penguin Avalanche did reward the winner of the tournament organized by EGCP; Logan, administrator of Club Penguin Avalanche, defended the decision on the grounds that they were “rewarding them for bringing players together.”

An official graphic was created

This obviously left a bad taste in our mouths, as it brought back memories of Club Penguin Forever rewarding Special Weapons and Tactics in 2022. Additionally, the mascot Sensei also made an appearance at the tail-end of the event, although EGCP had no clue that Club Penguin Avalanche would do this. Nevertheless, administration and the Top Ten Committee Heads unanimously agreed that Club Penguin Avalanche, whether with good intentions or not, still benefited EGCP.


To stay in line with precedence and to ensure fairness, the administration and the Top Ten Committee Heads agreed to void all of the Elite Guardians’ Club Penguin Avalanche events for the week of October 8 through October 14. We decided against deducting as we felt the support from Club Penguin Avalanche did not translate into general growth nor did EGCP maliciously try to unfairly grow outside of this event.

That said, we cannot condone a private server endorsing an army event with its own benefits (whether it be coins, exclusive items, Nitro giveaway or other means) without ensuring such treatment is not limited to solely EGCP. Such behavior would be in line with the benefits only a few Club Penguin Online armies had access to.

Additionally, a size multiplier of 0.6 will be enforced on Club Penguin Avalanche for the next three weeks. This goes for all armies goes who happen to hold events on Avalanche. Even if the Elite Guardians were not responsible for having an item reward be included, Club Penguin Avalanche still offered it (and did go forward with it). And without a guarantee of equal treatment for any army that chooses to use their private server, we are left with no decision but to enact this decision. We felt this way especially considering that some of those with ranks in the Elite Guardians have staff positions on the Avalanche private server.

Regardless of whether EGCP did intend to unfairly benefit, Club Penguin Avalanche nonetheless has unfairly benefited EGCP without guaranteeing the same may be granted to other armies who may host events

Evidently, the Elite Guardians still have shown to thrive without Club Penguin Avalanche as shown in this week’s Top Ten. We do not believe this is a strict reprimanding of the Elite Guardians and thus hamper their ability to thrive. In fact, this multiplier shall have no effect on the Elite Guardians if Club Penguin Avalanche is not used. Beginning for the week of November 5, all armies using Club Penguin Avalanche will be allowed to use it without facing a multiplier.

We do not believe the Elite Guardians are a malevolent army which is why we all agreed to not enforce any more punishments. The delay in this week’s Top Ten occurred as we peacefully talked with the Elite Guardians’ leaders about their use of Avalanche. Rather, let this serve as a warning that Club Penguin Armies will ensure equal treatment to the community’s armies. This goes for all private servers including Club Penguin Journey and any others that pop up.

The Top Ten Committee Heads will release an official list of regulations in the coming days going forward to avoid an army (like EGCP) being tangled in this mess. Private servers should also civilly communicate to us about an army benefiting from their private server and that army is not benefitting from favoritism. We remain steadfast in our belief that all armies should be entitled to benefits if they must be offered to one army. As more private servers begin to resurface, how can we continue to prioritize fairness and safety for our community?

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