HCOM Life Stories: Cabin from Water Vikings

Welcome to the twenty-third edition of the “HCOM Life Stories” column. This week we sat down with Cabin, an army veteran and high-ranking member of the Water Vikings.

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Joining the community as a member of the Golden Troops in 2014, Cabin has enlisted in a myriad of armies, big and small. In recent years, Cabin is best known for his contributions to the Templars and the People’s Imperial Confederation, as well as being the creator of the Napalm Corps. He gained recognition for his previous work as an administrator for the CPA Wiki. He recently became second-in-command of the Water Vikings on October 11th, 2023.

During 2015, Cabin held significant ranks within the Blue Miners Army. During that same year, he made his mark as a leader for the first time in his career, as he led a small/medium army called Dauntless. He spent some time with the Night Rebels before retiring from the army scene. 

The Golden Troops during an event

In 2019, Cabin served the Light Troops as a second-in-command, and in early 2020 he had a brief stint as a Major (7ic) in the Army of Club Penguin. Soon after, Cabin served as second-in-command of the Romans before they disbanded.

Cabin’s journey culminated around March 2021 when he joined the People’s Imperial Confederation. Within a few months, he became a PIC leader and, with time, became a PIC Legend. Subsequently, Cabin transitioned to the Templars. His leadership played a vital role in the Templars’ triumph in the Legends Cup XII tournament, an achievement that solidified his status as a Templars Legend.

Templars vs Water Vikings, Legends Cup XII Finals

After retiring from the Templars in November 2022, Cabin created his own small/medium army in January 2023 called the Napalm Corps. The Corps remarked itself by achieving fifth place on the Top Ten and securing sizes of more than ten penguins at each event.

A Napalm Corps event, with a peak of 18 soldiers

Following Cabin’s brief retirement, The Napalm Corps merged into PIC in June 2023. In August of the same year, Cabin helped the Confederates win the prestigious Beach Brawl III tournament.

To learn more about his success, Club Penguin Armies reached down to Cabin for an interview regarding his army experience.

Do you have any cherished memories within Club Penguin Armies/Water Vikings?

I have a few cherished memories from within the Club Penguin army community. I am proud of the success the Napalm Corps had for the short time it existed, including reaching #5 on the Top Ten and maxing well for a new small-medium army. Secondly, I cherish my time with the People’s Imperial Confederation, more specifically winning the Beach Brawl III tournament against the Special Weapons And Tactics and Friendly Gamers. I cannot say that I have any cherished memories with the Water Vikings as I joined them just recently.

What are your plans with the Water Vikings, what do you wish to achieve within the army?

I plan on contributing to the army in a similar way that I aided armies in the past, especially in regards to important duties such as recruiting, registering, and reminding. If I do not fulfill these tasks, I will not feel fulfilled as a second-in-command of one of the most noteworthy major armies in the community. I hope my future contributions to the Water Vikings can mirror those of my previous army tenures.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from being in the army community?

Giving up is equivalent to not working hard enough for what you want. If you work hard enough, you will see results. It is just a matter of mindset. Sometimes, the journey is more valuable than the result.

Do you have any hobbies outside of leading armies?

Outside of serving or leading armies, I enjoy drawing sketches, watching YouTube videos, and buying things that I do not need.

What would your advice be to the people who are aspiring towards getting HCOM?

If you focus a reasonable amount of time out of your day to attend events, recruit, register, and complete basic tasks pertaining to the well-being and prosperity of the army you serve, your eventual addition to a high command position is guaranteed.

Cabin’s contributions and leadership roles within PIC, the Templars, and the Napalm Corps not only left a lasting mark but underscored his unwavering dedication and exceptional commanding prowess. His efforts solidified his status as a revered figure in the Club Penguin army community. What unique contributions will Cabin make to the Water Vikings and the broader community in the future?

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