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Welcome to the first edition of Club Penguin Armies Ice Breakers. In this column, we will play fun games with community members and get to know more about them through the games. In this edition, we will get to learn more about DrQueen and uncover her unseen sides.

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DrQueen joined the army community in early 2020, with the Doritos of Club Penguin being her first army. The same year, she decided to leave the Doritos and join the Ice Warriors. In October 2020, she joined the Water Ninjas army, but as a leader. In April 2021, after her time in the Water Ninjas, she became a leader of the Ice Warriors. She led the army for over a year before retiring in October 2022. After retirement, she stayed in the community, becoming the head of the Club Penguin Armies Community Committee, as well as an Advisor.

Fun Facts

Before we get to the games, you should know a bit of context and find out DrQueen’s most interesting and unique facts!

  • The “Dr in my name represented my long-term passion of wanting to be a medical doctor, however I lost interest after starting college when I realized the world had more to offer in terms of career paths. The “Queen” is named after my father’s all time favorite Rock Band Queen
  • Science was always a passion of mine, I knew I still wanted to go in the science route and wanted to do meaningful work. Ended up finding my true love for studying cancer/disease diagnostics therapeutics. I recently accepted a job as a Supervisor for a therapeutics company, I start in two weeks!
  • Music is also a big part of me, given I grew up so much in a music oriented family, taught myself how to DJ during the pandemic, I still try to keep up with it when I can.
  • Im a huge ass foodie (I will send u some pics), favorite has to be Korean BBQ
  • Every Monday I start my day out at Starbucks, either I pick up something to eat before work, or I just sit and get work done. I find Mondays to always be the longest days for me, so its like a motivator for me to get through the day.

Answer or Expose

Now that we have a wider understanding of the face behind the name of DrQueen, it’s time we play some games! For the first game, answer or expose, we will be asking DrQueen a tough question, and if she does not answer it, she gets exposed! We presented DrQueen with the question, “What is the worst mistake you have ever made in your CPA career?”. It took her a while to think about it, but she couldn’t afford to be exposed, so here is what she had to say.

I made so many mistakes, I cannot recall one that was something EXTREMELY major. I’ved messed up on top 10s, leading, calling wrong rooms, you name it. My major one though is I let armies consume me a lot that that resulted me in losing a friendship I cared the most about. I hope shes doing well, if you ever read this.

Thanks for the honest answer, DrQueen, but I decided to expose you anyway!

Who Said This?

In this game, we will be presenting DrQueen with a sentence one of her closest friends provided us with, and she has to guess who said it.

“Even though you’re ugly, I wanted to thank you for all of the hard work and accomplishments you have achieved over the years.”

DrQueen: 100% IceyFeet. Theres only one person who calls me Ugly, and its Iceyfeet.

Of course, Ice Warriors creator IceyFeet1234 had to make it obvious.

What does Icey mean to you?

Icey is someone who believed in me when things got tough and I wanted to retire from IW early, or when things I was really upset about, he would willing to listen and always was extremely patient with me. Hes one of the most hardworking people in this community and I commend him for all the background work he does, which a lot of people in the community doesnt realize how much work he does today. After retirement, we still remain close and just share life stories and mentors me a bit on real life stuff like job hunts and all. Thanks for everything you ugly bagel.

1v1 in Your Favorite Game!

For the last game of this edition, DrQueen chose a game of her choice to play against pro gamer and CPA Reporter Mogi4. DrQueen’s game of choice was Roblox Arsenal. After an intense fight, these were the results.

What do you have to say about your loss?

Ngl, Mogi knows how to shoot but how do you expect me to 1v1 him when he has a AK-47 and i have Ninja stars.

Better luck next time! That’s it for this edition of CPA Ice Breakers. I sure learned a lot of stuff I didn’t know before about DrQueen! We can see from this that DrQueen isn’t the average person. She is smart, honest, skilled (except at Roblox), and much more. As DrQueen always says, “Live from one high to another”!

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