Battle Report: The Vikings’ Clash Against The Knights

Templars and Water Vikings recently engaged in a close and heated battle. As the community still senses the outcomes of the September Drop, both armies confronted each other this Saturday afternoon.

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In the afternoon of October 7, the Templars and Water Vikings logged on to Battleground to face each other in a friendly battle. With the consequences of the infamous September Drop still spreading in the community, both armies tried to bring their A-game to the battlefield. Both armies brought similar sizes: the Knights had the presence of 19 troops while the Vikings had 18 soldiers online. With neither side having a decisive numerical advantage, the battle only proved to be more intense.


Battle room 1

Both armies form a V

Upon the room announcement, the Vikings were the first to enter the room followed by the Knights. With both armies experiencing considerable size drops, Vikings now held a small advantage against Templars. Sizes were 12-9 in their favor. Both armies then moved into their first formations, with Templars forming an upside-down V and Vikings forming a plus right after. Throughout the room, the size numbers had a significant change: sizes were 15-11, still in the Viking’s favor. The judges noticed few idle troops from Templars, which resulted in gaps in their formations. It was also noted that, in terms of speed, both armies had an equivalent performance. Next, Templars executed a waterfall, then quickly formed an L formation. Water Vikings bombed after, but the judges noticed there were still a few inactive troops, now from the Vikings’ side. They followed up with an upside-down T formation and ended up slightly covering the middle line of Templars. The latter, then, moved into a V formation, in an attempt to masquerade their size disadvantage by blending in Vikings’ formation. Although this was noted to be a close room, the Vikings held a slight advantage against the Knights and, therefore, were recognized as the victors.


Battle room 2

The armies adapt to the Cove

Water Vikings were again the first to enter the next room, just barely followed up by the Templars. The formers were able to form an X, while the latter entered an upside-down T formation. Once again, both armies’ paces were still equivalent. The Vikings brought 15 troops to the room, compared to the Knights’ 10. Next, Templars started to move doing a risky Z wipe that was difficult to decipher from the judge’s perspective. The Templars again formed an upside-down V, with the Water Vikings following up with a backward L, in an attempt to cover them. It was noted that the Vikings had recovered their pace in between tactics, while the Knights’ formations were seen as full of gaps, in addition to their speed decreasing. Throughout the Cove, the Templars managed to match their speed to the Water Vikings, despite having a smaller size. However, the Vikings effectively held their ground, but this was not enough to make them win the room. Therefore, room 2 was a tie.


Another stacked formation by the two

As the final room began, the Templars managed to break the Vikings’ streak and entered the room first. For the third time, Templars created an upside-down V formation. Water Vikings then formed a creative acute angle formation. The sizes for each army were still around the same, with the Vikings holding an advantage of five penguins. Knights then decided to perform a clockwise blender and were quickly followed by Vikings bombing. Templars then entered in a plus formation, with the Vikings blending in. These choices led both armies to seemingly cover each other at times, especially with big-word bubble tactics. Shortly after, the Vikings performed an impressive V wipe, with the Templars following their adversaries with a waterfall. As the battle was coming to an end, both armies did not seem to hold significant advantages against the other, which made the last room result in a tie.

The Verdict

Judges’ verdict

This intense battle included an interesting look at how the Templars impressively managed to tie the last two rooms, despite their size disadvantage, matching their speed to their adversaries. Water Vikings certainly put up a commendable performance by showcasing some neat and creative formations throughout the battle. Without a doubt, the size drops- outcomes of the September Drop- played a big role in this battle. However, both armies surely gave a performance to remember. Congratulations to the Water Vikings for winning the battle, and good job to the Templars for putting up an incredible fight. Did you expect the battle to be as intense as it was?

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