A Very Spooky Writing Competition

One of the most well known traditions of October is the sharing of spooky stories. We’d like to bring that tradition here with our very own A Very Spooky Writing Competition.

Designed by Wynn

Did you know that Club Penguin’s anniversary is in the month of October? Maybe due to proximity to its birthday, some would argue that one of the best Club Penguin parties is the Halloween Party. And it wouldn’t be a Halloween Party without the Night of the Living Sled. This episodic “horror” series appeared as a black-and-white, silent short film during the Halloween Party on Club Penguin. As a kid, I remember always sitting my penguin in front of the screen to watch it on repeat.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmiH80q2xH4[/embedyt]

In fact, one of my favorite things about October is watching a spooky, horror film wrapped in a blanket on a crisp Autumn night. Some associate October with internet challenges like Inktober which challenges illustrators to make daily sketches or other forms of media. Thus, in spirit of the spooky month, we prepared a Club Penguin Armies writing competition.


  1. Submissions must be original stories no less than 500 words, but they can certainly be more.
  2. In the spirit of Halloween, submissions are to be spooky stories that can be told in the dark, around a campfire. With that in mind, please keep it appropriate.
  3. All stories must be spooky stories that take place in the Club Penguin universe, NOT the army universe. Who is going to continue the thrilling saga of the Night of the Living Sled?
    1. Please do not make a story that targets someone or alludes to someone in armies. These must be characters in the actual Club Penguin universe or unnamed random penguins.
  4. Submissions must be sent to the administrators in Discord direct messages– via Google Document or a safe website (like WordPress)- who will then share it with the Community Committee Heads as acting judges.


  • All participants will share an exclusive role on the Discord server to show that they participated in A Very Spooky Writing Competition.
  • The winning submission will get their own unique role on the Discord server.
  • The winning submission will be featured on the website.
  • Nitro giveaway details to emerge later.

Submissions will be accepted until Wednesday, November 1 at 9am EST. If there are any questions, please direct them to the administrators on Discord. We are looking forward to all of your terrifying submissions! Will our ghoulish stories cause the Living Sled to reanimate from the dead?

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