Top 5 Moments of September 2023

September has been a relatively quiet month. There have been quite a few retirements and promotions this month, with several community events, and changes in armies’ foreign relations and status.

Top 5 Moments

Like how it is done every month, the Club Penguin Armies staff team came together and hosted an internal vote for what we believed to be the “Top Five Moments” of September 2023. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole.

5. Armies at Odds in WWIX Forge New Alliances

Written by: Disha

World War IX lasted for nearly two weeks and saw over 30 battles fought between 9 armies. While the conflict may have kept the community active, it certainly had an impact on the armies’ relations with one another. However, after its conclusion, four of the armies battling on opposite sides back then re-established their alliances in September. The People’s Imperial Confederation restored their bond with the Elite Guardians and the Army of Club Penguin also entered a new alliance with the Rebel Penguin Federation. Having foreign relations is beneficial to the army, and only time will tell, how these relations evolve to be.

Armies at Odds in WWIX Forge New Alliances – Designed by Cassie

4. Help Force Reclassified to S/M

Written by: Mabel

The Help Force was created on March 11th, 2018, and reached a significant growth in July, earning the status of a Major army. While the army’s AUSIA division is known to be a powerhouse within the community, the Helpers fell prey recently to the infamous September drop. As of September 24th, the army has been categorized once again as a small/medium army after failing to meet the required size average for 20 troops for three consecutive weeks. It’s the first time in their five years of existence, that this has happened to the army, but, the Helpers are determined to emerge stronger out of this and regain their Major status through thorough recruiting, hyping, and constant motivation.

Help Force Reclassified to S/M – Designed by Cassie

3. CPA Hosts End of Summer Gala and Awards

Written by: Sweater 

Before heading into sweater season, Club Penguin Armies celebrated the end of the summer with an award ceremony and End of Summer gala on Battleground. The weekend began with community members choosing to select a team: Team Barbie or Team Oppenheimer. Shortly after, a Chess tournament was underway. An award ceremony was also held with many members of the community winning awards such as ‘Best Leader’ and ‘Biggest Army.’ To round off the weekend, members celebrated in the Night Club with the administration and Community Committee, as well as playing the scavenger hunt on Battleground.

End of Summer Gala and Awards – Designed by Gabgeirl

2. CPA Census 2023 Comes to an End

Written by: Sweater

September also saw the 2023 Census come to a close. The census started in 2014, is all about archiving the very identity of those who make up the community. Compared to the 2014 edition, the community has become more and more diverse. For example, in 2014, a whopping 90% of community members identified as male. In 2023, the number has shrunk to 58%. Diversity is how we grow as a community, so these results look promising.

Club Penguin Armies Census 2023 – Designed by Pingo

1. Shamrock Bulletin Unites Community Media in the Battle of Newspapers

Written by: Nicky

As the Shamrock Bulletin reached a milestone of 10,000 posts, the Army of Club Penguin united the community for a 9-way battle between armies’ different media branches. Participating were the Army of Club Penguin’s Shamrock Bulletin, Tuxedo Times for the Rebel Penguin Federation, Ocean Oracle for the Water Vikings, People’s Post for the Peoples Imperial Confederation, and others that showed up were the Templars, Elite Guardians, Friendly Gamers, and Club Penguin Armies staff.

Battle of the Newspapers

As another month comes to an end, the question arises about what October shall hold for the army community. Will it be a month with little to no activity or will it be another month that is full of surprises? What are the top moments in September for you, and why are they so?

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