Reporter Of The Month: September

During a time known as the “September Drop,” where armies face issues of inactivity, this reporter’s activity did not go unnoticed as they clamored to grab as many active topics as they could manage. Thus, over the course of this month, this reporter on our staff team continued to impress the reporting heads.

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Currently leading the Tormentors, Toxic Storm is no stranger to the small-medium army community. He’s been apart of well known armies like Coup Crusaders, Secret Service, Special Weapons and Tactics and more. Despite once being a controversial figure, his growth at Club Penguin Armies has been a sight to see.

Toxic Storm joined the Club Penguin Armies’ (CPA) media team at the start of the summer in late May 2023. Since then, Toxic Storm has produced over 11 posts, even tackling the daunting task of his very own editorial as his only second ever post. As for his first post, he wrote about the Water Vikingsadditions to their leadership. Although other reporters may have scored higher than him, Toxic Storm never shied away from the editors’ suggestions. It eventually earned him a top score on the very first Behind The Scenes column.

CPA at the Battle of the Newspapers

As a result of his commitment to helping the editors with columns, as well as his active interest in writing, we have awarded him with Reporter of the Month. Additionally, Toxic Storm is one of only two reporters to publish more than a one post this month.

Why did you want to become a Reporter?

I wanted to become a reporter since it combines two things that I’ve worked on in the last four years[:] Club Penguin Armies and writing. It is also a great platform to improve my language and writing skills, while combining the knowledge I’ve accumulated about armies and the game.

What would you say has been your favorite part of the role?

My favorite part was interacting and writing about new people I’ve never met before. Another aspect is seeing myself improving with every article I write. In conclusion, it was a nice way to spend my time doing something I like.

What are some future goals you have?

My future goals are probably to continue sharing the stories of community members like never seen before. I don’t have any ambitious goals as a Reporter right now, but I would like to continue having fun and interact with the people in the community.

Once again, we appreciate all of those involved working in our team. And most of all, we appreciate the readers who rely on us to provide the most accurate community news. Congratulations to Ugly! Which one of Toxic Storm’s editorials did you most enjoy reading?

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