Calgocubs21 Retires After One Year

After one full year of many triumphs, Calgocubs21 has retired from the Army of Club Penguin leadership. As the Clovers now transition into a new era, we look back on Calgo’s many achievements as Commander-in-Chief.

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Beginning his journey in the Army of Club Penguin, Calgocubs has been in the army community since 2006. An experienced veteran, he held ranks in several armies during the original Club Penguin era. Before his return to ACP,  he was best known for his leadership of the CP Guards in 2010. Calgo left the community in 2011 and returned last year with a dream to be the next leader of ACP. Settling down with the Clovers once again, Calgo quickly created plans to lead the biggest rise for the army. Just a few days after his promotion, Zeus stepped down as leader, appointing Calgo as Commander-in-Chief.  Although the Clovers had recently regained their major army status, Calgo was tasked with the momentous responsibility of keeping their sizes up.

Calgo’s first event as ACP Commander-in-Chief

Calgo became a notable figure in many conflicts throughout his leadership. Clover expansion on the Club Penguin Armies map under his leadership was a major catalyst in the early development of World War IX. Defeating the Rebel Penguin Federation in Legends Cup XIII, Calgo helped secure ACP’s victory for the first time. Other conflicts headed by Calgocubs included a conquest of the Dark Vikings, as well as a recent campaign against the Elite Guardians. Over the several past months, Calgo has overseen a complete overhaul of the Shamrock Bulletin, organizing the community’s first media showdown, The Battle of the Newspapers, between various armies. Under Calgo’s leadership, the Clovers became an army that has dominated the community this year.

ACP vs. RPF Legends Cup XIII

After a successful year of serving as Commander, Calgo announced his retirement from the army. The Clovers held an event on Sunday, October 1st which saw a massive max of 50 penguins from all over the community.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Calgo for an interview about his retirement.

Why are you retiring from ACP?

I am retiring from leading as in all leaderships there is beginning and an end and ultimately my time has finally come to entrust the future of ACP to the next generation. Reflecting back on the course of my leadership we have come so far within just a year and risen to new heights that the community never saw coming. I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t under any circumstance step down from leader until my goals for ACP were all accomplished and our future success and stability was secured. I came, I saw, I conquered and now I stand up on this summit marking the end of my reign and the start of a new beginning and golden age of ACP. Back in 2022 when I first ascended to the position of leader and was inducted, I gave a speech promising my troops a new future and age of ACP. Not one of despair and hopelessness, but a future of triumphs against all odds. I said I would “Make ACP Great Again” and I did just that proving all the community who laughed at us and prayed on our downfall throughout 2022 wrong. I started with nothing (0 HCOM, 4 Moderators) and despite the odds being stacked against us we rebuilt ACP from the ground up without cutting a single corner. Our achievements speak for themselves. Now that I have accomplished everything that I vowed to do it is time for me step down and focus on my own personal health, my job, and my social life. While leading was one of the most fulfilling experiences I could ask for it is time for me to move on now that I am reaching an age that where I must focus on my adult life irl. 1 year and we made it happen.

Do you think your army will be impacted by your retirement?

No the army will not collapse or take a dip in size as a result of my retirement. If it does then consider my leadership an utter failure. I have complete confidence in our leaders, HCOM, moderators, and troops to carry the torch forward and aim for even higher goals than I could ever envision.

What has been your highlight of leading the army?

My highlight of leading ACP was the people and all the friends I made along the way. Coolguy and Austin are like brothers to me and without them I don’t know where I would be. ACP as a whole is like one big family to me and that will never change no matter what because we shed blood, sweat, and tears together to get where we are now.

Are there any plans for the future of ACP?

Many plans are still in the works for ACP as I will be working behind the scenes as an advisor. That being said I will keep these plans under wraps until it is time to reveal them so stay tuned to see whats next in store for the Green Giant.

Do you ever plan to come back to the community?

Never say never I guess. I will certainly still be heavily involved as I will be working as a more hands on advisor behind the scenes to help Coolguy and Austin as well as any future leaders succeed no matter the odds. I will also be trying to become more involved in the Community Committee to push for more community driven in-game events similar to that of the Battle of the Newspapers community event.

Any final words or advice that you would like to give to the staff or army?

Don’t let other people tell you what you can or cannot do. I had so many people try to belittle me throughout my time in armies and try to tell me who I am as well as my capabilities. YOU are the only one who knows yourself. Do what you aspire to do and ignore those who try to drag you down.

It seems that Calgo is confident that his army is in a place where they can prosper without him. After a year of creating new paths to success for ACP, he has accomplished his goals and is ready to retire. We look forward to what ACP has in store for the future and their endeavors. What do you think is in store for ACP?

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