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Welcome to Army Front, the column where we catch up with this week’s standout army! This week, we’ll explore the recent success of the Army of Club Penguin. Despite every army falling this September, the Clovers have managed to stay afloat. How have they managed this?

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The Army of Club Penguin established itself as the first-ever army on Club Penguin in late September 2006. The man himself, Oagalthorp, had a vision of ‘armies’ battling each other in-game using snowballs and tactics. In its time, the army had many ups and downs. For example, this week the army reached number one on the weekly Top Ten Armies. However, this time last year the army barely scratched seventh.

Not so recently, the army underwent leadership changes. Commander-in-Chief Calgocubs21 announced that AustinFraud and Coolguy, both experienced army leaders, would be joining him. Together, alongside their High Command, they have reached the number-one spot six times – with a total of 11 from Calgo’s sole leadership. Additionally, the army won the most recent rendition of the Legends Cup, a first in Clover history. Evidently, the Army of Club Penguin has been doing something right.

The Army of Club Penguin defeating the Rebel Penguin Federation in this year’s Legends Cup finals

The infamous ‘September Drop’ has hit the community extra hard this year. For context, as of writing this post the Help Force, a mainstay in the major army community, has dropped to Small and Medium status. Additionally, the Templars and Water Vikings almost dropped to Small and Medium status but managed to narrowly avoid that this week. The school season has been tough for all of us. That’s why it is interesting that the Army of Club Penguin, an army that is no stranger to highs and lows, has remained relatively untouched. To find out more, Club Penguin Armies asked Coolguy to provide insight into why the Army of Club Penguin is not just performing well but is arguably excelling.

I think one of the things about ACP is that it is resilient, I mean look at ACP last year where there were single-digit maxes. No matter what ACP went through, it fought to get back up. This year we’ve been riding momentum from our wars, from LC, from each victory, whether it be battle or achievements like Top Ten number ones or breaking records. Myself, Austin and Calgo have so many ambitions and goals and we wanted to and still want to hit many. Arguably, we’ve done a lot more than should’ve been possible, however, that’s not a solo effort, our hcom, our staff, our troops, our allies, and everyone has been a part of our success in some way or another. When we aim to do something, we put our all into doing it and make sure it gets done. I think that ACP’s anniversary week has also helped us massively to achieve such a feat during the September drop, not to mention the innovative ideas that have been created to keep the momentum up. Never Give Up.

-Coolguy, Army of Club Penguin Leader

The man of many words, Coolguy, shared that his army’s recent success can be attributed to activity. Whilst this may seem like a no-brainer, this isn’t necessarily troop activity. The Army of Club Penguin has rarely given themselves a break. As Coolguy mentioned, they’re riding momentum from wars to Legends Cup and now for their 17th anniversary week. Truly, they aren’t stopping. The strategy of not stopping and hyping consistently has also worked out well for their foes. The Elite Guardians hype all of their events and are able to do well, too. Like any good leader, Coolguy also acknowledges the hard work of the ACP staff, some of whom we have recently interviewed. An excellent job to the Clovers these past few weeks, and hopefully the rest of the community will pick up soon.

Do you think the Army of Club Penguin will continue rising, or will the retirement of Calgocubs21 (post soon) negatively impact their future events? 

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