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Welcome to “Behind the Scenes”, the column where we look into the day-to-day life of members of the community. In this post, we will be looking at the life of Cassie, who is currently a Graphic Designer and Second-in-Command for the People’s Imperial Confederation.

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Cassie‘s primary roles in the army community are currently Graphic Designer for the Club Penguin Armies organisation, as well as Second-in-Command in the People’s Imperial Confederation. Previously, she has served in the Dark Warriors and Doritos, both in 2020. Her biggest achievement is likely recreating the Fire Warriors in 2021 alongside Sweater and AustinFraud. Together, all three went on to win the Challengers Cup II trophy and become the most dominant small/medium army in 2021, only potentially rivalled by PIC.

Summer, 2020: Cassie winning the Dark Warriors’ Warrior of the Week award

Aside from traditional army experience, Cassie has had brief stints in other aspects of the community. In late 2020, she was a Moderator for Club Penguin Army Hub. In 2021, she continued moderating for both Club Penguin Army Headquarters and Club Penguin Army Network, becoming a Head Moderator in the latter. She has even held media positions as an editor in both of the previously mentioned organisations.

Outside of the community, she has a love for animals, mostly cats. She has two cats, Herta and Isla, the latter being recently rescued. As someone who has met her cats in real life, they are to die for. She is also passionate about art and recently purchased a drawing tablet to further her skill development. Due to this, it was only natural she would become a Graphic Designer in the community, drawing penguins for PIC and thumbnails for Club Penguin Armies.

Cassie’s cat Herta being a goofy gal. Click to expand (recommended).

Club Penguin Armies sat down with Cassie to find out more about her life behind the screen.

Can you introduce yourself?

I go by Cassie/kaos and I’ve been in the community for a few years now. I’ve been in my fair share of armies but currently I’m residing in PIC & as a graphic designer for CPA.

How long have you been a Graphic Designer and why did you become one?

I’ve been on the team for just over 2 weeks, personally, I started doing digital art about a month & a half ago. I’ve loved drawing for as long as I can remember, but felt limited with traditional tools. So I wanted to try out my skills on a new platform.

What are some goals you would like to achieve before the year ends?

Since I’m still new at this stuff, I’m mostly focused on improving my skills.

Do you think that the Graphic Design community will continue to expand?

It seems to have been on the rise with new promising designers so I don’t see why it won’t continue to grow.

From the interview, Cassie certainly has the attitude of someone looking to expand their skillset. This kind of work ethic is invaluable not only in the community, but in the world at large. Club Penguin Armies wishes Cassie the best of luck in the rest of her time here as well as outside the community!

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