HCOM Life Stories: Nicoburger From Templars

Step into the pages of the twentieth edition of the column “Higher Command Life Stories”. In this edition we engage in a pleasant conversation with Nicoburger, a current Leader-in-Training in Templars.

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It was only in the midst of January 2023 that Nicoburger found himself integrated into the army community. After being recruited to the Templars, TCP became the sole army to which he pledged allegiance. Although the nine months in which he stayed in the army can arguably be classified as a short period, it is a genuine testament to his unswerving loyalty and profound display of dedicated service. Besides two wars against the Special Weapons and Tactics, Nico played a major role in TCP’s higher command during World War IX, after which he was promoted to Leader-in-Training. Moreover, he also participated in two editions of the most prestigious tournaments, these being March Madness VIII and Legends Cup XIII

Nicoburger on TCP MMVIII

March Madness VIII Quarter-Finals: TCP vs. SWAT

Nico has been recognized for his recruitment abilities, unwavering dedication to the army, as well as an exceptional track record of event attendance.  For someone who has not accumulated much experience within Club Penguin armies, his swift ascendency through the army’s ranks is a commendable achievement. We reached out to Templars’ Empress Dawn to learn more about Nico’s role in the army:

Nico has been LiT since we established our leadership (me, Moon and Nicky) and he’s been important to keeping a balance between whoever is leading which event(s). He has grown as our first prominent member in this generation and helps us run Templars internally and keep things functioning. He’s impacted the HCOM by coming up with ideas and helping us get new methods out to our staff and continue growing the army above all.

HCOM Nicoburger favorite event

Racecar’s retirement, Nico’s most memorable event

Club Penguin Armies extended an invitation to Nico for a candid conversation about his experiences within HCOM and forthcoming aspirations.

Could you share one of your cherished memories from your time in both Club Penguin Armies and TCP?

I have a favorite memory in the CPA discord where everyone just turned into Mee6 and turned into chaos, and the one time where we had a low size during a SWAT war and we still won in OT in TCP. I have a lot of memories in CPA and TCP but I just chose the best one imo.

How does it feel to be a Leader in Training on Templars?

It’s nice to be a Leader in Training for templars as it helps me be ready for the next big promotion.

It looks as if your promotion to leader is imminent. What do you expect to do in the army when inducted?

The plans I have in my career are to get more recruits since it’s been pretty difficult so far and get our sizes over 20 every event. [I want] to mostly help out the leadership more, and maybe grow the chat activity since it has been inactive most of the time.

What lessons have you learned on your way to becoming part of the HCOM?

To always be kind to every troop, staff, HCOM, and leaders, welcome the new troops, help out the army (recruiting, etc), and constant DM reminding. You never back down and never give up.

Is there any particular figure who inspired you to get this far?

I would say the HCOM and leaders. I used this inspiration to do a lot as a mod and HCOM. The leaders had a big effect in inspiring me, since of course they lead this army. Either retired or not retired, they are inspirations.

Do you have any advice to give to those who aspire to become HCOM one day?

If you are a mod/HCOM hoping to get leader or a rank related to Leader in Training, work as hard as you can in your army, and you can achieve your goal to become a leader of the army you are in. Even though it will take time, patience and hard work can pay off.

While Nicoburger may be relatively new to the army community, there is no room for doubt when it comes to his capabilities and qualities as a High Command member or Leader-in-Training. With immense excitement, he eagerly envisions his bright and promising future as a potential TCP leader. We, at Club Penguin Armies, extend our best wishes and luck to Nico in all his future endeavors. Do you expect to see Nico in the leadership role anytime soon?

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