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Welcome to “Behind the Scenes”, the column where we look into the day-to-day life of members of the community. In this post, we will be looking at the life of Coolguy, who is currently the Editor in Chief in Club Penguin Armies and the Commander in Chief in Army of Club Penguin.

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Coolguy is currently known for his role as the Commander in Chief in the Army of Club Penguin. He first came across the community in 2011, but he joined his first army in 2012. The first army Coolguy joined was the United Countries of CP, in which he met many of the currently known army legends and veterans like Ganger90, Mustapha, 32op, Crazy186 and Victini. Even though Coolguy was enlisted in UCCP, that didn’t stop him from exploring other armies like Fire Warriors, from which his former nickname “Coolguyfwcp” originated. He stayed loyal to the army and climbed his way up to leadership with the guidance of Crazy186.

Coolguy in an ACP event

Coolguy has had leadership roles in many armies like Bacon Defenders in 2014, as well as Coup Crusaders and Special Weapons and Tactics in 2020. He joined the Army of Club Penguin in 2023, after retiring from a 3-year SWAT leadership role. Coolguy earned a leadership spot alongside AustinFraud and Calgo and went on to win his first major tournament as an army leader, the Legends Cup XIII. He has also earned High Command roles in armies like Templars, Doritos and Ice Warriors, which allowed him to gain more popularity and forge many friendships along the way. Coolguy was also nominated for Army Legend roles in the years 2021 and 2022.

Outside of leadership, he has held various media positions. He served in Club Penguin Army Hub as a Reporter, Club Penguin Army Headquarters as Reporter/Philosopher and most recently Editor in Chief in Club Penguin Armies. He has also held various judge roles.

Coolguy’s promotion to Editor in Chief announcement

Coolguy’s favourite hobby is writing, explaining his love for the media. His favourite sport is football, which he loves playing in real life. He supports Chelsea. Outside of playing football, Coolguy is fond of anime and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Coolguy wearing Chelsea uniform

Club Penguin Armies sat down with Coolguy to discuss more about all things Coolguy.

How did you come up with the username ‘Coolguy?’

I have asked myself the same question for all these years. The name has been with me longer than the amount of time I’ve been in armies for, which says a lot. Back then, when trying to think of a name, I was trying to think what name would be good and I had a few ideas, but I guess I didn’t want it to be realistic, meaning I didn’t want the name to be a real name or seem like it is my real name. For example, Mads has their name as Mads so people will assume they’re a Mads, or something similar, irl. That’s not what I wanted, even if it wasn’t actually my name. So, I had to try and think outside of the box, but I couldn’t really think so just choose coolguy. I mean it’s a fairly generic name, some people say Cool Guy some may have numbers, but I thought he just do Coolguy, 1 word. I did see how it sounded but back then didn’t care because it was a good name 🤣. Overtime, there has gotten to point where I’d have liked to abandon it but I mean, I’ve been here too long and known too many people with this name as my title so abandoning is abandoning the person and connections, so I’ve stuck with it what part of being a leader do you enjoy?

Which aspects of leadership do you enjoy?

I think the answer to that can change over time. The first time I led was 11 years ago now and I enjoyed it because I was in a competitive environment. I don’t just mean in armies but the army itself. Win e had competition for ranks and that was a driving force. You didn’t want your rival to get to the higher ranks before you but you also wanted to get to the top and do your best. I think that nowadays the driving factor is going for gold. I mean, we are here past our expiry date and we are pushing for victories, pushing for trophies, pushing to make the armies that we are with bigger and better. Over the past few months, it’s been great to have been a part of such a tremendous run for ACP with the Legends Cup and the EGCP war, not to mention all the things that are outside army warfare like trying to revitalise different parts of ACP and working as a triumvirate to do it. Having a goal is always motivating so that can be enjoyable when you are aiming for it. I think that has certainly been the case for me.

You recently led SWAT for 3 years, what can you tell us about that?

Well, I don’t think I could say that I planned on leading for 3 years I can tell you that, but I think there was a lot of things that needed to be done and that we could do. SWAT is an original CP major army, so I wanted to make sure it stayed there but I also wanted to bring it up and make it an army to compete against, challenge for trophies etc. I think the thing about SWAT was that you never really had downtime, you were always in drive, full speed. Once one challenge finished, another appeared, this isn’t in regard to one thing but everything from tournaments to wars to building up internally. SWAT had many challenges to face, and I wanted to continue to face them and build up from them to avoid any problems and to become one of the best armies in the community. There were times we were competing at the top with other major players, there were times when we fell behind, but we never stopped fighting and having that fight or goal can be what drives people. The troops also make a big part of your experience and seeing troops like L90 and Krill grow as people and army members means a lot more than people can know.

What memories are you most fond of during your time here?

Favourite memories… hmm. That’s a hard one. One I’ll always remember is my time during 2012, probably one of the best years I ever had in armies and I look back on it fondly. I mean, I went from troop to leader in months, met people like Ganger90 who gave me the chance to lead in 2020, met people like Icey and Mustapha, all these people who are now legends and are mostly out of armies due to life catching up to them. Of course, it is because of the connections I made that I later joined the armies I did from meeting 32, Mustapha and even Mr Burns and ending up joining them in DCP too or befriending Icey and later down the line joining IW. Them moments shaped my career despite it being very early on and the moments I had during that time were amazing so that year definitely holds a special place within me.

What is your secret to being a good writer?

To be a good writer you need to be able to talk a load of bullshit lmfao. I say this jokingly, however, it is partially true. A picture is 1000 words as they say. For a normal person, a picture could be a couple of sentences at the maximum but a writer has to analyse different parts of that picture and be able to write about it in a way which maximises its potential. I have had a lot of experience in writing and I do enjoy it, as you can probably tell. I have written about many things from short stories to philosophy or random things that I never really got to pay much attention to so having that experience and the versatility to do more than one thing can be a good thing to have in your back pocket.

Can you tell us more about your other interests or hobbies?

One of the things people will know about me straight away is that I am a football fan, I mean, it’s hard not to appreciate the sport when you watch the work that’s put in over the course of a season. I don’t always have the time to watch it, but I do try to keep updated. I have also played myself, so I do have reasonable knowledge on the game. I think many people will have also noticed my anime profile pictures over the years which, of course, shows that I am into anime and other things. Of course, writing takes up a bit of time too both inside and outside of CPA, but I do like to keep updated with wrestling and, at times, even snooker.

Coolguy has contributed a lot to the army community through his skillfully written articles. He has also left important marks in the armies that he has led and helped many new and aspiring members in the community through his guidance. We wish Coolguy the best in his future in the community. We can’t talk about Coolguy without asking if he would lead another two years in ACP? Will he change his mind and cheer for a better football team?

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