Club Penguin Armies Introduces New Columns

Club Penguin Armies is proud to announce some refreshing changes to our content. Starting from now on, we are discontinuing several columns and introducing new ones to the schedule. In this post, we will explain what lies behind each new column name and introduce new ranks to our media structure.

It has been our goal to provide the highest quality articles and stay in touch with what the community needs. Over the recent months, we have discussed how to make our media more engaging. We have also been evaluating our work and seeking feedback. The administrators, along with the editors, have recognized the need for a refresh, and we are now excited to present our ideas. Some columns were performing exceptionally well, while others have been neglected or received less engagement. Based on our research, we have made some decisions regarding the content. First, we have decided to discontinue two columns and temporarily put one on hold.

The first column we are discontinuing is “My Controversial Opinion“, which was essentially simple opinion posts. That of course doesn’t mean we are planning to stop posting that kind of content. Secondly, we have come to a conclusion that “Time Capsule” has served its purpose and will no longer be continued. Lastly, we have chosen to suspend “Lost Legends” for the time being, with the hope of bringing it back in a few months. “HCOM Life Stories” will remain as a part of our schedule.

In place of the three columns that we have discontinued or put on hold, we are excited to introduce three new ones.

1. Army Front

The first column we are introducing is Army Front. It was a project first mentioned months ago, which aims to give voice to staff and troops and let us get closer to army’s daily life. A new edition will be published every two weeks, featuring an army that stood out recently. The articles will be centered around the army’s structure, culture, and recent accomplishments, instead of bare historical facts.

2. Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect is an older column, making its debut on Club Penguin Army Central in late 2016. Returning in 2023, every week one of our authors will analyse a photograph and attempt to get a full post from it. The photograph in question may be a treaty, it could be an event or battle, or it may simply be a singular message. These photographs will either be historical, relevant to the time of the post, or community-submitted. As the saying goes: a picture is worth 1000 words. But is that really the case?

3. Behind the scenes

In “Behind the Scenes,” we intend to give recognition to our hard-working staff. Each week, we will have the opportunity to dive deep into the work and life of members of our divisions, starting with their often underappreciated heads. It takes a great deal of work from people with various talents to keep CPA in shape, and all of them deserve appreciation.

new roles

Along with the content refresh, we have decided to update the media structure. First of all, to ensure that our team is consistent with columns, we have created a Column Manager role. While it is not a separate rank from the editor but a function one can hold, it carries a lot of responsibility, from adhering to the column schedule to monitoring the reception and feedback. We would like to thank Managing Editor Sweater for volunteering to take on this role!

As our team grows and more posts are being published than last year, we have made the decision to reintroduce the Senior Reporter rank. Our reporters are working harder than ever and deserve more recognition for their efforts. While removing that rank served well during calmer times, we have observed our staff feeling stuck at the same level and eventually losing motivation. We hope this change will contribute to all reporters feeling more appreciated and will give new ones an aim to work towards. The Senior Reporter rank will be reintroduced into the server in the following days after evaluating everyone’s performance.

Without wars or drama, it is important that the media provides the community with quality content other than news alone. We hope that these improvements will not only bring more engagement from the armies but also contribute to our staff feeling more appreciated. Although columns are nothing new for us, we are excited to take this step forward. It has always been our main goal to stay close to both the community’s and the staff’s needs.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our editing team, Coolguy, Shallissa and Sweater, and all our Reporters for the hard work they put into this organisation. Without you Club Penguin Armies wouldn’t exist.

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