Shrouded in Shadows: Krosive’s Final Journey in Dark Vikings

Having led the army on and off since its revival, Krosive recently announced his retirement from the Dark Vikings. The now-former Viking Commander has chosen to leave the community to focus on his personal life, at least, for now.

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Krosive is a very controversial figure in the army community. In 2019, he made his inaugural foray into the world of CP Armies by enlisting with the Templars, where he managed to occupy the second-in-command seat in the army’s AUSIA division. His early years in armies mostly consisted of stints between Ice Warriors, eventually reaching staff in December 2020. However, it was in early 2020 when decided to revive the Dark Vikings, the result of a rebranding of his former army, Saber Squids. Nevertheless, the first modern generation of DV would soon come to an end. In April 2021, Krosive left the Ice Warriors to lead the Medieval Warriors for a short while. 

With ups and downs filled with drama, it was only in October 2021 that Krosive decided to reopen the army as a TCP colony. As well as the first modern generation, the army’s second one would also not last long. In the following year, Krosive joined the Mercenaries leadership for a short time. Right after, he entered the Lime Green Army‘s HCOM, storming through the ranks and eventually reaching the leadership. Under him, the LGA claimed victory in a peculiar and controversial conflict against the Templars, managing to issue a force treaty on the latter. After the war, Krosive was inducted as an LGA Legend. However, his legend status was revoked by Greeny after some internal drama.

Krosive in an LGA event in June 2022

After departing from the Limes, Krosive, alongside Thunder222, reopened the Dark Vikings in October 2022 for its third modern generation. This was the most successful generation of the army so far, with many achievements documented. Through his leadership, the Vikings were able to attain Major Army status in March 2023, after obtaining their victory in the February Forte tournament. The Dark Vikings also secured the top spot on the Top Ten rankings multiple times this year. The army also reached the March Madness VIII semifinals, although they were disqualified due to an inappropriate tactic. Turbulence would remain constant in the army, with its peak taking place during the Bloodbath Barrage War. Their opponents, the Sapphire Concordat, issued a force treaty due to violation of war terms. The former alliance stated that the Vikings engaged once again in inappropriate tactics and attempted harassment of their members.

Dark Vikings against WOK in February Forte

Dark Vikings against WOK in February Forte

Krosive’s last tournament as a leader was the Legends Cup XIII, where the Vikings faced the Special Weapons and Tactics in the quarter-finals. Once again, his army broke the battle terms. These recurring issues led the Club Penguin Armies administration to make an official statement officially banning the Dark Vikings from every tournament. Moreover, the CPA: Battleground staff also remarked that Krosive’s and his co-leaders’ accounts were banned from the game. Under these circumstances, the Dark Vikings saw themselves further isolated from the community. These turns of events saw Krosive set sail from the community with a questionable reputation. 

Krosive announcing his retirement in Dark Vikings

Krosive announcing his retirement

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Krosive, to gather further details about his retirement and his perspective on his army career.

What motivated your decision to retire?

College, I need to do good on my course.

What do you anticipate will be the effects of your retirement on the Dark Vikings?

Quite a bit since I did the day to day running, but with the promotion of midnight they can pick up the pace if not do better when they find their groove.

Do you think the three leaders in office can improve Dark Vikings’ situation, given the army’s forced isolation from the community?

Yeah, Thunder went a long way in a year same with Jordan and Midnight they’ve all changed for the better so they can make DV big once more. The goal with DV recently has been to break free from the CPA Org Matrix. It is clear they have a monopoly and no one cares, but it [Dark Vikings] has currently been successful due to our high maxes (they don’t count it) and we have good allies now, for example EGCP.

Do you think you were able to accomplish everything you wanted to as a leader?

Yeah I accomplished my goals in DV.

Could you share your favorite memory of your moments in the Dark Vikings?

I have tons of good memories, for example winning February Forte and just hanging out in vcs specially with the DV people plenty of fun and nice talks.

Do you plan to come back as a leader?

Depending upon if I’m busy. One thing I will never join an army besides DV or something else that isn’t my creation.

Do you have any parting words or advice you’d like to share with the staff team and the entire army community?

Don’t get walked on by CPA Org.

Despite DV’s current state, it seems that Krosive is confident that the remaining leaders will continue the Dark Viking’s legacy. It is also clear that he might come back if his schedule allows him to. For now, we wish him the best of luck in the future. Midnight, MtJordan, and Thunder still have the tough mission of cleaning DV’s damaged reputation. Do you think they will be able to accomplish this? 

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