Midnight Takes Command in Dark Vikings

Following controversies with the most recent tournament, the Dark Vikings have crowned a brand new leader. Who is this mystery man and what are his intentions with the army post-promotion?

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On September 10, Dark Vikings‘ creator Krosive announced a brand new leader, Midnight. Midnight is an army veteran with most of his achievements being in the post-Disney era of the community. Notably, he was one of the main leaders of the now-closed Penguin Defence Force – a smaller army that went to war with the then-major Redemption Force. In more recent times, Midnight reopened the Mercenaries with Bull Hour, where they were able to achieve sizes of 25. Midnight has spent the last several months in the higher command of the Dark Vikings, until today.

September 10, 2023: Krosive announcing Midnight’s promotion to leader

The Dark Vikings, one of the most infamous armies today, reopened on October 13, 2022. The army was initially created by Krosive, Alucard and Trapant. Out of the three, only Krosive remains with the Vikings. In their almost year-long generation, the army notably went head-to-head with the Army of Club Penguin in April 2023 and fought the multi-army Sapphire Concordat in June of the same year. Despite not winning either of these wars, the Vikings did enjoy some notable sizes in both of these conflicts.

A battle between the Sapphire Concordat and Dark Vikings

To learn more about his plans for leadership, Club Penguin Armies approached Midnight for an interview.

What was your reaction to being crowned the newest Viking Commander?

I was glad I finally reached it.

Do you have any plans for your leadership you can share with us?

My plans? I want to fix the problems in dv and to make it a top 3 army.

What is one of your favourite memories in the army?

My favourite memory would either be when we won February Forte or when we managed to tie a room against RPF in i think March Madness when half our size got kicked off and couldn’t re log.

What would you say to any Dark Viking looking to reach the rank of leader?

You must work hard to reach your goals.

Very enthusiastic about his promotion, Midnight seeks to get the Vikings to a top three position in the Top Ten Armies. He was cryptic regarding his other answers. That, combined with no official announcement could suggest that he’s either keeping plans a secret, or is he ready to get into the thick of it and start work. Club Penguin Armies wishes Midnight all the best in his new role.

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