An Elite Departure: Joshep Retires From Elite Guardians

After leading the Elite Guardians through World War IX, Legends Cup XIII, and the war against the Clovers, Joshep has decided to retire from his position in the army. Having guided the army throughout their time of reopening this year, he has made this choice to focus more on his personal life.

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On September 5th, Fitsuki, one of the current leaders of Elite Guardians made an official announcement in the army’s server stating that Joshep, the 13th leader of the army, would be stepping down from the leadership. In honor of his legacy, the Elite Guardians held a Farewell Event for Joshep which took place two days later. A total of forty people showed up to his retirement ceremony to pay their respects and express their gratitude and appreciation for all his work and contribution to the army. Having led the Elite Guardians since its revival this year, Joshep wishes to focus more on his personal life and career at this point and hopes the best for the army in the future.

Joshep’s Farewell Event

JoshepPeter joined the army community on May 1st, 2019, enlisting himself in the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin after being recruited by Johnny Pengi. Given his commitment and dedication to the army right from the day he joined, whilst having incredible recruiting skills – he was able to rise through the ranks quickly and was also awarded the ‘Soldier of the Month’ for the month of October 2019. He remained with the Elite Guardians until the army’s closure in 2020.

Soldier of the Month – October, 2019

After this, he went on to join the Os Mascarados Army and served as a member of the Higher Command there. However, with this army shutting down as well, he moved on to Water Force where he led the army for a while. Following this, he then joined Special Weapons and Tactics, where he also made it to Higher Command and helped out the army as Second in Command before leaving.

With Elite Guardians reopening its doors once again this year in May, Joshep was invited to lead the army, by Cookky2 and Edu14463, the founders of the army, given his knowledge and experience of modern CPA warfare. Under his leadership, the army not only participated in Legends Cup XIII making it to the Semi-Finals but was also involved in two huge wars (World War IX and War with the Army of Club Penguin) intensively, dominating the Top Ten lists several times and being recognized as #1 army for July 2023.

Legends Cup XIII – EGCP vs. PIC (Quarter Finals)

Club Penguin Armies had the opportunity to talk to Joshep about his thoughts on retiring, and what he plans to do next.

What is the reason behind your retirement?

I will start to focus more on my personal life. I will be dedicating myself to studies and job.

What kind of an impact do you think your retirement will have on the army at large?

A new story will begin to be told at EGCP, new people will have the opportunity to join the leadership, I hope as soon as a new era will grow to its fullest.

Do you think you were able to execute all that you had planned for the army, during your time as a Leader?

Yes. I led the EGCP in wars, recruited new members, and was as active as I could until I left EGCP.

What would you say has been the best thing about being a Leader?

By far it’s helping members, being on top of new projects, and being able to lead the army in tournaments and conflicts.

Could you share your favorite memory/memories of the army with me, if it’s not too personal?

The most recent memory and probably one of the most impactful was our campaign in the Legends Cup tournament we had a great battle against ACP in the semifinal and that, I will keep with me.

Do you plan to come back at any time in the future?

It is certain that I will not return to the leadership again, at least for now, however, I will stay tuned in case of wars involving EGCP to help the army to do better.

Any final words or advice that you would like to give to the staff team and the army at large?

I would like to tell everyone that it was a short time, yes, but we have already regained the EGCP and certainly, there is much more to come, and that I will not abandon EGCP, I will just withdraw from the leadership.

It goes without saying that Joshep has certainly played an integral part in the army. Although he has retired from the leadership now, he has faith that the Elite Guardians will continue to go on strong and leave an impact on the army community, as it always has. We wish him the very best in all of his future endeavors and hope to see him return!

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