Grim Reapers – What Happened?

The Grim Reapers of Club Penguin was a promising army in the works prior to Legends Cup XIII. With such an experienced leadership, why was the launch cancelled and what are the members doing today?

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On April 30, 2023, Doritos‘ legend Brad created a Discord server for the upcoming Grim Reapers. Notable figures such as Monstah and Bull Hour would have led the army alongside him. Also involved was Greeny. The group even had an established server and had all of the basic channels: rules, a guide to armies, and events, among others. Their high command consisted of experienced veterans like Ninja Leader, Tide and Pandor.

When quizzed on why he is making an army, Brad commented on how he and Greeny wanted to win a tournament. He also stated that they wanted to be #1 on the weekly Top Ten for ‘[seven] months.’ It’s likely that such a team could have accomplished one, or both, of these goals.

In this image, Brad, who created the Grim Reapers, is replying to Trey who asked "wtf is this?" His reply is: "Creating an army. This is just the template or beginning of the template lol. Greeny and I feel like winning a tournament and being 1 for 7 months You could be advisor if you want before I fill in staff positions" The purpose of this conversation was to explain what the Grim Reapers are and why they exist

Brad explaining that the army’s purpose was to win a tournament

Curious to find out more, Club Penguin Armies approached Bull Hour to discuss the Grim Reapers. We chatted about whether they scrapped the army indefinitely or if there is any plans to continue.

What led to the inception of the Grim Reapers?

It was a group effort and the four of us had similar goals that aligned well. We wanted to create an army powerhouse.

Why was the project scrapped?

The project was scrapped for different reasons but overall the leadership atm was busy to deal with them.

If the project took off, do you think it would have been successful? Why or why not?

[The] project would have been successfully averaging 50

In your opinion, will Grim Reapers ever launch?

Depending if any stable CPPS like CPR actually come to light and if the leaders get their priorities sorted.

With Bull Hour confident in his abilities, he appears to believe that the Grim Reapers would be averaging 50 per event. If true, that would certainly place them at number one every week. The project was seemingly scrapped due to time constraints, something more and more people are falling victim to. Perhaps the Reapers will launch eventually. Until then, Bull Hour resides as an Army of Club Penguin staff member, with Monstah, Greeny and Brad all remaining retired.

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