The End of Summer Gala Recap

This past weekend, the Club Penguin Armies Admins and the Community Committee hosted the End of Summer Gala. Let’s dive into what went on during the Barbenhimer-themed extravaganza.

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This weekend began with the announcement of the theme for the weekend, which was Barbenheimer. The theme was a combination of the films Barbie and Oppenheimer. Members of the community were allowed to pick sides, in the Discord server, representing either Team Oppenheimer or Team Barbie. Subsequently, they would also obtain a role for their chosen team.

Alongside this, Community Committee Head, DrQueen announced a chess tournament would take and encouraged all members of the community to participate. Participants would gather in the Club Penguin Armies‘ Discord server and play Chess in the Park through the general voice chat channel. In total, the tournament started with 20 participants and is currently ongoing. The winner of the tournament will obtain the Chess Champion Role in the Discord server.


On Saturday, the community took to CPABattleground, on the server Klondike, and gathered together in the Night Club to celebrate the End of Summer Awards. As the event took place, members were encouraged to wear their best Barbie/Oppenheimer outfits and submit them for the fashion contest. This contest would see members vote on who had the best Oppenheimer/Barbie outfit. The winners of the contest were Misty as Queen Barbie and Wynn as King Oppenheimer. During the Gala, a CPABattleground Scavenger Hunt was announced that offers anyone who completes it an exclusive Summer Pin. The scavenger hunt is still ongoing and is scheduled to end on Friday, September 8th.

This year’s End of Summer Awards/ Gala weekend was a big success. However, this event would not have been possible without the help of everyone involved. Therefore, we would like to thank the Admins as well as the Community Committee for putting this event together. Furthermore, we would like to thank you, the community, for attending and supporting the event. We hope to see you all very soon.

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