Top 5 Moments of August 2023

After a relatively peaceful July, August saw increased activity in the community. Two wars emerged: Army of Club Penguin’s attack on Elite Guardians and Special Weapons and Tactics’ declaration against Templars. Amidst the conflicts and dramas, Club Penguin Armies crowned champions for Legends Cup XIII and Beach Brawl III, initiated the community census, and commenced the Summer Awards 2023.

Top 5 Moments

Once again, at the beginning of September, the Club Penguin Armies’ staff team voted on the top moments of the month. We have selected the five most notable events, and now we are thrilled to present our monthly recap with all the details

5. Club Penguin Armies Hosts Community Census 2023

Written by: Wynn

On August 16th, Mchappy, on behalf of Club Penguin Armies, announced the Community Census 2023. This ambitious project aims to replicate the success of the past, as the last census took place three years ago. It consists of two forms: the first one inquires about your life in armies, your affiliations, and career, while the second, optional form, delves into more personal aspects such as culture or identity. If you haven’t filled out the form yet, we humbly ask you to do so to gather the most accurate information about our community. The results will be announced soon, once we ensure that everyone has had the chance to participate.

Designed by Pingo

4. People’s Imperial Confederation wins beach brawl III

Written by: Spinister

After the chaos of last year’s tournament, Beach Brawl made its return for the third edition. Initially, four armies registered, but this number later reduced due to the Penguins of Madagascar pulling out due to internal issues. On August 26th, a 3-way battle unfolded, featuring Friendly Gamers, People’s Imperial Confederation, and Special Weapons & Tactics, all aiming to win the prestigious trophy. The Agents mobilized with sizes ranging up to 28, while PIC and FG maintained a size of 17 and 7, respectively. Both SWAT and PIC gave each other a tough competition, resulting in a scenario where the battle couldn’t be decided within three rooms. This led to overtime, during which People’s Imperial Confederation emerged victorious, securing the trophy for the first time, with a score of 2-1-1.

Designed by Dino

3. SWAT Breaks Own War Terms, Walks Into Force Treaty

Written by: Edu14463

In a surprising turn of events, Special Weapons and Tactics initiated hostilities against Templars, commencing a series of clashes that erupted over the course of the last weeks of August. Throughout the conflict, the Agents offered minimal resistance. With SWAT continuously losing steam and momentum, the Agents were not able to reach a turning point. More than 15 battles were fought, and none of them were deemed as a SWAT victory. The final three battles of the conflict saw the Agents absent from the battlefield, which constituted a breach of the war terms imposed by themselves. On August 28th, due to this factor, Templars officially imposed a Force Treaty on the Agents, ultimately claiming their remaining territories, therefore signifying the conclusion of the conflict. While admitting their flaws in the war, such as in battle fundamentals (tactics, creativity, formations), and overall preparation, SWAT has declared that its time to seek revenge against Templars will surely come in the future.

August 28 (EST): Templars Issue Force-Treaty on SWAT, following Violation of “No Running” term

2. Army of Club Penguins Wins Legends Cup XIII

Written by: Sweater

After last year’s disappointing Legends Cup, this year’s expectations were lower. However, the competition was extremely tough this year with notable armies such as Elite Guardians returning. Many expected Templars or Rebel Penguin Federation to win. But Army of Club Penguin had other plans. Their first round was against the previous winners, but the ACP were able to beat them with ease. Moving on, they would battle the mighty Elite Guardians: a tough battle, but they squeezed out a victory regardless. Finally, the Clovers matched against Rebel Penguin Federation. The Rebels are easily one of the best armies of all time and hold the most trophies, so it was not easy. Despite that, the Clovers took their opponent to overtime and were narrowly able to beat them. Army of Club Penguin had done it, they won their first Legends Cup XIII trophy in their 16-year lifespan.

Designed by Master DS

1. Army of Club Penguin Declares War on Elite Guardians

Written by: Waffledog

On August 7th,  Army of Club Penguin declared war on Elite Guardians of Club Penguin, worsening their already bitter relationship. This war, spanning until August 26th, left Army of Club Penguin victorious over Elite Guardians of Club Penguin.
Tensions between the two foes had already been mounting with the Clovers citing “bad mouthing” of ACP by the Guardians as the catalyst for declaring war. In addition to this, the Clovers feel both armies were “on a trajectory for war” already, resulting in the creation of war terms and various invasions being scheduled.

Army of Club Penguin’s invasion of Fiesta

After a bustling summer, many anticipate September to be more peaceful. Nevertheless, Club Penguin Armies will continue to buzz with activity, including the forthcoming results of the community census and special events hosted by the Community Committee. Will the next month surprise us with more wars or drama?

Stay tuned for news and updates!

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