Reporter of the Month: August

August has officially ended, and what a month indeed! Two wars ending, a drama-filled small/medium tournament and the very idea of world maps being called into question. Amidst the chaos, one Reporter has dominated the scene with his incredible writing and the Reporting Heads have taken notice.

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The standout Reporter, Edu14463, started his army career in 2015 by joining the Water Ninjas. Impressing the army’s leaders, he quickly joined them at the top. Unfortunately, the army would soon close down but he had still made his mark. In 2017, he created the Elite Guardians alongside Cookky2. Together, the duo led the army from small/medium status to consistent sizes of 30+. Under him, the Elite Guardians have participated in, and won numerous wars. Semi-recently, the army made a return with Edu serving as an Advisor.

He began his writing journey in 2012, writing for various blogs in the Brazillian Club Penguin community. In army media, he joined the Club Penguin Armies reporting team as a Reporter-in-Training just last month. That’s right, in less than one month Edu has gone from a trainee to Reporter, to Reporter of the Month. That is no easy feat. Edu’s articles are some of the highest quality on the website, too. His first piece, CPA Must Overcome Its Cultural Decay, is a fantastic read. Edu’s following articles would only build on his strong foundation, with excellent reports on the Beach Brawl III finals and updates to the SWAT-Templars conflict. I shouldn’t share this but his next draft is already looking fantastic.

As a result of his excellent work ethic and phenomenal writing, Edu was given the Reporter of the Month award for the month of August. The Reporting Heads sat down with Edu to find out exactly why he does what he does.

The Reporting Heads have jokes!

Why did you want to become a Reporter?

Since when I was a kid, I always had a secret passion for writing. It was in 2012 when I officially started my “career” as a Club Penguin reporter, having the opportunity to work in some of the most prestigious blogs inside the Brazilian Club Penguin community. This was surely one of the culminating factors that led me to apply for Reporter. As for the other factor, since I am not leading anymore, nor deeply involved in any armies, I saw myself wanting to help the community even more. And that is what I have been doing as a Judge, TT Committee member, CPA Moderator and, now, as a Reporter. I confidently feel like I am fulfilling my duties when I serve the community in which I spent almost half of my life.

What would you say has been your favourite part of the role?

Covering breaking news is always very exciting. You not only have the opportunity to take the first look at a specific matter at hand, but also inform everyone in the community about the topic covered. While it seems an obvious statement, it has quite some philosophical implications (which I am clearly very fond of). A good writing manages to transmute our thoughts, our perception of facts, in words that carry our cosmovision. As objective as we try to be as reporters, our words will always be loaded with meanings underlying our own view of the facts. That is why we must always work for the good of the community, so that our written words, as reporters, echo this desire.

What are some future goals you have?

As I have already stated before, my mission right now in the community is to keep my work going within the roles I have now. Of course, I am always aiming for a higher position. Not for ego, not for success, rather because I am aware of my capabilities. Therefore, I am confident I can put a good and hard work in any given context. This is all for the sake of improving the community, and serving this ‘small universe’ I deeply love.

The community wouldn’t be what it is today without hardworking penguins like Edu. Reporters are the lifeblood of preserving the history of our community and people like Edu are fantastic at it. We can’t wait to see Edu’s progression in the coming months. Thank you for your incredible work!

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