Summer Awards 2023: Results

With the beginning of September, it’s time to bid farewell to our Summer at Club Penguin Armies and reflect on the first part of the year. Today we are proud to announce the results of Summer Awards and reward those members of the community who have truly earned it.

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The wait is over, and the Club Penguin Armies organization is thrilled to present the results of Summer Awards 2023! A total of 281 votes were cast across ninety categories, ranging from Biggest Army to Brightest Bulb.

The Awards

Biggest Army

First place: Army of Club Penguin (133 votes)

Second place: Elite Guardians (73 votes)

Third place: Rebel Penguin Federation (25 votes)

4th: Templars (19 votes), 5th: Water Vikings (17 votes), 6th: Help Force (8 votes)

As anticipated by many, the Army of Club Penguin has secured the vast majority of votes. Their journey from a small/medium army to major status and their victory in this year’s Legends Cup under the leadership of Calgocubs, Coolguy, and AustinFraud can only be described as impressive. Although it’s been almost a year since ACP regained their major title, their constantly growing maxes, consistent top spots on Top Ten Armies, and their exceptional performance in wars and tournaments have rightfully earned them this prestigious award.

~ Wynn


First place: Calgocubs21 (65 votes)

Second place: Fitsuki (48 votes) 

Third place: AustinFraud (30 votes)

4th: Coolguy (27 votes), 5th: Link3000 (18 votes), 6th: Dawnables (17 votes), 7th: RammLass (16 votes), 8th: Dino (12 votes), 9th: ROOBOO (9 votes), 10th: Elexonck (7 votes), 11th: Nicky_3979 and Snowy (6 votes), 12th: Mabel (5 votes), 13th: Moon (4 votes), 14th: Desireus (1 vote)

It’s not surprising that the longest-serving leader of the army that won the Biggest Army Award has been recognized with this honor. Calgocubs has led the Army of Club Penguin for eleven months, with the majority of that time as the sole leader. Under his leadership this year, ACP secured the 1st position on the Top Ten ranking eight times, engaged in five wars, and emerged as the champions of Legends Cup XIII. His efforts have had a significant impact on the entire community, helping to keep it dynamic and vibrant over the past eight months.

~ Wynn


First place: Legoman (85 votes)

Second place: Jakob (29 votes)

Third place: Sidie9 (27 votes)

4th: Cabin (26 votes), 5th: Ninja Leader (24 votes), 6th: Shallissa (16 votes), 7th: Sweater (13 votes), 8th: Rye (10 votes), 9th: Logical (5 votes)

Third year in a row, the Best Small/Medium Army Leader title has been awarded to Legoman for his service in Special Weapons and Tactics. Under his leadership, the army remained major for seven months this year only, engaged in eight wars, and participated in four tournaments. Despite SWAT having multiple enemies, Legoman managed to keep his army high in the Top Ten Ranking consistently during the first months of the year, even reaching the top spot in April. Just like Xing and Templars in 2022, Legoman and Special Weapons and Tactics have contributed to keeping the Club Penguin armies community alive and booming with activity.

~ Wynn


First place: Army of Club Penguin (109 votes)

Second place: Elite Guardians (66 votes)

Third place: Special Weapons and Tactics (40 votes)

4th: Rebel Penguin Federation (31 votes), 5th: Water Vikings (18 votes), 6th: Help Force (9 votes)

The Most Tactical Army Award is more than just about the size or how often an army engages in wars. It’s about the ability to fight effectively and emerge victorious, and this description certainly fits the Army of Club Penguin. They participated in five conflicts this year, securing victory in four and tying one. Additionally, their impressive performance in tournaments, including winning Legends Cup XIII, cannot be overlooked. ACP’s skillful and battle-experienced leaders have rightfully earned this award for their army.

~ Wynn


First place: AOL (82 votes)

Second place: Jgxm (59 votes)

Third place: Overonnix (33 votes) 

4th: Maguro (26), 5th: Gabi (20 votes), 6th: Kurumi (19 votes), 7th: Chey (18 votes), 8th: Thuanthaijo [Jo] (11 votes), 9th: Mocha (4 votes)

An army’s success can’t only be accredited to its leader. It’s the high command that spends tremendous efforts on serving their army day and night, being the right hand of its leader. Despite them being often unrecognized and underappreciated, an army can’t exist without higher command. It only seemed fitting that this award goes to AOL, Army of Club Penguin’s Third-in-Command, who has played a significant role in ACP’s achievements.

~ Wynn


First place: Calgocubs21 (125 votes)

Second place: Spotty (50 votes)

Third place: ROOBOO (35 votes)

4th: Elexonck (30 votes)

Since the time Calgocubs rejoined the army as Staff back in July last year, the Army of Club Penguin has only been on an upward curve. However, once he was appointed as the Commander of the Army last September, Calgo had taken it upon himself to make the army great once again. And so he did. Under his leadership, the Army of Club Penguin has not only dominated the Top Ten lists eight times this year but has also won the title of Legends Cup XIII and been involved in five wars that have kept the community active and engaged. As he had assured in his induction post, ” I promise that I will no longer allow ACP to fall into periods of stagnation.”, he has only contributed to the growth and rise of the army. It goes without saying that he has had a major impact in making ACP what it is currently. We commend all the hard work and dedication that he has put into his army, in these eleven months, and would like to congratulate him on his award!

~ Disha


First place: Xing (105 votes)

Second place: Coolguy (66 votes)

Third place: Scorpion Demon (28 votes)

4th: Cabin (25 votes), 5th: Desireus (19 votes), 6th: Logical (7 votes)

Xing retired at the very beginning of the year, soon after winning Person of The Year Title second time in a row. His departure had a huge impact not only on Templars, who fell to small/medium status shortly after, but also on the whole community. During his leadership, he kept the community alive and dynamic with multiple conflicts and secured the Legends Cup XII trophy for his army. The multilogging accusations against Templars, which were a hot topic for weeks, only confirmed how impactful TCP was at that time.

~ Wynn

Biggest RISE

First place: Army of Club Penguin (199 votes)

Second place: Elite Guardians (101 votes)

Third place: Water Vikings (26 votes)

4th: Penguins of Madagascar (13 votes), Napalm Corps (10 votes)

With ACP having experienced its ups and downs, the entire community doubted their ability to ever return as a major army. ACP proved everyone wrong the moment they won last year’s Beach Brawl II, regaining their major status. From there, that’s when the army triumphed. Calgo first announced his plans to resrcture ACP by promoting a Triumvirate leadership consisting of himself, Austin Fraud, and Coolguy. From there, ACP stood their ground throughout various wars, presenting strong maxes and securing numerous war battle victories and overall war victories. ACP worked tirelessly to prepare for one of the most prestigious cups ever, Legends Cup XIII, emerging victorious and claiming the trophy. Without a doubt, ACP has certainly proved the community wrong.
~ DrQueen


First place: World War IX (112 votes)

Second place: Army of Club Penguin vs. Elite Guardians (108 votes)

Third place: Special Weapons and Tactics vs. Templars (39 votes)

4th: Dark Vikings vs. Sapphire Concordat (15 votes)

The current year saw a big movement from 2022 as more wars started to take place regularly. However, picking the best conflict wasn’t a hard choice. While there were many amazing conflicts, there could only be one winner. The winner, of course, was World War IX which involved most of the community. The war began with Elite Guardians, Rebel Penguin Federation, and Water Vikings declaring war on the Army of Club Penguin only to be met with more declarations from armies wanting to aid ACP. A number of 32 battles took place, making it one of the biggest wars of the year. Ultimately, there was no winner as both sides agreed to end the conflict after such a large amount of gruelling battles.

~ Coolguy


First place: Ice Warriors’ Scandal (65 votes)

Second place: Back-to-back overthrowing of Club Penguin Armies’ administrators (54 votes)

Third place: Templars’ multilogging exposed by administrators (51 votes)

4th: Rebel Penguin Federation breaks their World War IX treaty resulting in total land loss (50 votes), 5th: Dark Vikings banned from future tournament participation (32 posts)

The Ice Warriors’ Scandal shook the entire community and held everyone’s attention for weeks. The exposé against some of the IW’s staff and leaders resulted in numerous retirements and eventually led to the army’s shutdown. With the echoes of the controversy still reverberating, it’s no surprise that the Ice Warriors Scandal has won this category.

~ Wynn


First place: Coolguy (53 votes) 

Second place: Legoman (48 votes)

Third place: Scorpion Demon (28 votes)

4th: ugly (23 votes), 5th: Mogi (20 votes), 6th: Nicky_3070 (17 votes), 7th: Actionspark (14 votes), 8th: Sweater (13 votes), 9th: Shallissa and Sidie9 (11 votes), 10th: Ferdthebird1 (10 votes)

Media serves a crucial and important role in our organization. Our Reporting and Editing team is not only dedicated and hard-working but is committed to delivering the constant happenings in and around the community, keeping all of us informed with the news. Since the day Coolguy has joined us, he has lived up to his roles and responsibilities, be it as a Reporter, or an Editor. Back in January, when he had started out as a Reporter, he was one of the most active people on the team – pitching in with his ideas for news topics, and always willing to help out. Hence it was no surprise that he joined the Editor Team within just a month.

It has been a pleasure for us to witness his growth and progress here, and we are grateful for his hard work and efforts for this organization. With a total of 49 posts under his belt now, and serving as the current head of the team, he is definitely deserving of this award, and we would like to congratulate him on the same!

~ Disha


First place: World War IX: RPF Mistakenly Breaks The Peace Treaty by Wynn (95 votes)

Second place: ACP Higher Command Alucard Removed Following Dark Vikings Expose by Scorpion Demon (59 votes)

The army community is often surrounded by controversy and drama. Club Penguin Armies does its best to cover all the news as soon as it happens. Arguably one of the most controversial moments of the summer took place shortly after the conclusion of World War IX as RPF mistakenly broke their peace treaty. The post was written by Chief Executive Producer Wynn as she aimed to cover what happened and how. Because of the nature of the post, it was certainly popular within the community, making it the post of the summer.

~ Coolguy


First place: Dino (108 votes)

Second place: Koloway (67 votes)

Third place: Master DS (51 votes)

4th: Gabgeirl (22 votes)

Every tournament in the CPA community would not be complete without awesome graphics to echo the hype of battles. From major to small tournaments, Dino is someone you can always count on to deliver the best quality art. Christmas Chaos, March Madness, Ausia Arena, and even Beach Brawl III, all of these have passed under the stroke of his pen and turned into memorable works of art that embody the spirit of the community. His talent, artistic vision, and highly-detailed results have earned Dino the title of “Best Graphics Designer”.

~ Master DS


First place: Mads (59 votes)

Second place: Mabel (56 votes)

Third place: Da Best (41 votes)

4th: Jakob (33 votes), 5th: Nikcy_3070 (29 votes), 6th: Aubz (22 votes)

Mads joined the CPAJ judging team in January 2023 and since then they have been an active and valuable member to the team. Mads can often be found showing their support for others in judge chat, in addition to ensuring that battles go ahead with the required number of judges. They have also demonstrated numerous times their ability as a judge with their punctuality, professional manners, and constant support which is demonstrated when they judge battles, and support other judges in the organisation.

~ Spotty


First place: Mabel (82 votes)

Second place: Aubz (56 votes)

Third place: Mogi4 (51 votes)

4th: Rah (39 votes)

Mabel became a member of the CPA moderating team in 2022. She consistently prioritizes the safety and well-being of all individuals in the server, all while infusing the team and community with her delightful and enthusiastic energy. Mabel’s presence is a source of joy and productivity, and we are extremely pleased to have her as a part of our team.
~ Mare



First place: Alemax4 and Mogi4 (58 votes)

Second place: Litt7 (40 votes)

Third place: Princhi (38 votes)

4th: Nicky3070 (37 votes)

Top Ten Committee is a team that cannot operate to its full potential without the help of its members and both Alemax and Mogi are great examples of that. Since they were selected to be part of the team, they have shown great dedication and eagerness to help out. From making sure their assignments were done correctly and on time, to offering to help out beyond what they were asked to do, helping out pretty much every week, and just overall being extremely dependable staff members. We are glad their hard work has been recognised and we have been very grateful to have them on our teams.

~ Link3000


First place: Izzy (65 votes)

Second place: Legoman (56 votes)

Third place: Mare (30 votes)

4th: Mogi4 (29 votes), 5th: Jojo Teri (24 votes), 6th: Nicky_3070 (20 votes), 7th: Zooy (15 votes), 8th: Zenishira (11 votes)

Community committee is the heart of fun in club penguin communities providing both thought-provoking polls and competitive games. Throughout the year Iz has proven to be a reliable member of the team hosting polls and games consistently and has proved to be a real key member of the team definitely earning her the title of “Best Community Committee”.

~ Caitlin


First place: Da Best (78 votes)

Second place: Beasto (72 votes)

Third place: Mogi4 (47 votes)

4th: Cait (30 votes)

The YouTube department is responsible for documenting army events, wars, and tournaments. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to look back at important battles, and also some battle reviews couldn’t happen. Ever since Da Best joined the YouTube team he has been recording big battles such as the Legends Cup finals and some war battles, as well as editing some videos. Da Best is dedicated to the team and has done a lot, which is why they deserve this award.

~ Mogi4


First place: Everyone in Armies (66 votes)

Second place: Club Penguin Army Times (53 votes)

Third place: Da Best (48 votes)

4th: Dark Vikings’ Banned Leaders (31 votes), 5th: Klutzy (21 votes), 6th: Lord Pain (16 votes)

First time since the creation of the Brightest Bulb title, it’s finally being awarded to the most deserving candidate – everyone in armies. Please, go touch some grass after reading this post!

~ Wynn

Most likely to mess up summer awards

First place: All Admins (169 votes)

Second place: Mchappy and Wynn (31 votes)

Third place: Disha (23 votes)

We are now officially starting the betting process on who is going to mess up this year’s Winter Awards. The winner has a chance to win $0.1! To join the game, you can message DrQueen on Discord.

~ Wynn

In conclusion, we are very glad to celebrate the end of a super successful summer! Congratulations to all of the winners of the Summer Awards 2023. We’re one of the few leagues in the post-Disney era who have had the pleasure of hosting these awards not just once, but twice. Cheers to many more.

Summer may be over but that does not mean Club Penguin Armies will be slowing down. As we edge into September, the true test begins as the annual September Drop looms over our heads. However, with our community looking stronger than ever, the administration does not doubt that there is a bright future ahead of us all. Shoutout again to people like Aubz, Cait and DrQueen who were – and continue to be – essential to putting this all together. And thank you to Dino for the amazing looking trophies!

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