HCOM Life Stories: FWAPO From Special Weapons and Tactics

Welcome to the eighteenth issue of High Command Life Stories, a column in which we interview HCOM members from all around the community. We ask both about their army career, as well as their hobbies and plans for the future. This week we had the pleasure of talking with FWAPO of Special Weapons and Tactics.

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FWAPO joined the community in December 2022, recruited by the Special Weapons and Tactics’ leader Legoman, through Discord messages. He didn’t have any Club Penguin or Army experience when he joined, however, after making an account, he found interest in the army and started engaging in its activities. FWAPO climbed through the ranks by attending every event possible, eventually reaching Higher Commander rank. He currently holds the position of Second in Command in SWAT and has actively participated in many wars and tournaments, including the War of Conquest and Beach Brawl III.

FWAPO in the recent Beach Brawl III tournament battle

In addition to his interest in armies, FWAPO has a deep fascination with everything related to motorbikes. He has been riding motorcycles for years and still works on his riding skills. This interest in two-wheeled bikes has led him to work on his motorcycles by upgrading and repairing them. One of FWAPO’s favorite bikes is the Chinese-made Haojue 125cc in the red and black color variation, as shown in the picture.

One of FWAPO’s many bikes

Club Penguin Armies reached out to FWAPO to discuss his time in SWAT as well as his interest in riding motorbikes.

What activities do you partake in your army?

Recently like 2 weeks ago we experienced low staff so mostly but the help of the wonderful team that was available me and then did polls/arrange events do new ideas I can’t say I take apart from the team first I introduce what I’d my idea and take their opinion so mostly I do things as a team.

What are the best memories that you gained in armies?

My best memory is Coolguy retirement even though he left us, but he was truly a beloved member at least for me I really liked the dude’s personality his perspective and his inner appearance proving that he is a loyal honest member and leader of the army truly after me seeing him retire it felt like taking a heart out of a human, but we are here still pushing and crashing through.

What are your future plans in armies?

My future plan in the army is to get to get to the leader position, make a huge change stay strong and heavy until the day comes and I have plans outside the army as well to know all the amazing people in the community to get to know them and enjoy the time knowing them and how they did everything and how they did join.

What aspect do you like the most about your current army?

The personality and the respect that the community have got I really enjoy talking to them outside and inside I have even met Irl friends by just being part of the community really enjoy my time chatting and communicating getting to know better about everyone more and more.

What are your favorite hobbies or interests you like to pursue? 

I like to ride I am a rider of a 125cc, I really enjoy this part of my life I got into motorcycles for 4 years now. learned everything and still learning even more but unfortunately as a part of my education I am learning programming, which is good but yep, I would like to build my life as what I love. I am starting to know way knew things in life every single day the community and the Irl experiences gives me lessons to learn.

FWAPO is known for his love for motorcycles and his care for his army colleagues. It also appears that FWAPO has significant goals to achieve in his army career. Of course, we wish him all the best in his future, both in SWAT and in pursuing his interests! With all that said, do you think FWAPO will become a future SWAT leader? Will he consider buying a larger garage for his massive motorbike collection?

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