Gala Scavenger Hunt II

To kick off the Gala this year, the Community Committee, Superhero123, and the Club Penguin Battleground team give you a CPAB Scavenger Hunt for an exclusive summer pin! We are excited to collaborate with the CPAB team again this year and bring back a crowd favorite!

This scavenger hunt is similar to the ones that the Community Committee has hosted in the past. To participate, all you must do is log onto Club Penguin Battleground. Once logged in, you will look for 5 Beach Balls. An example of what they look like is posted below! Each beach ball you find will have a corresponding letter that will be used in a word unscramble after you have found all 5 beach balls.

How to play

1.  When you find a Beach Ball, click on it so that the letter will be visible in your penguins AWARD inventory.
2. After you have found all 5 Beach Balls, you will need to unscramble them to create the word.
3. Once you have solved the unscramble, type your answer into the text box ex: !scav SOLVE

For example, if the letters are S A Y P L, type in !scav PLAYS


If the answer is wrong, the game will prompt you with

If the answer is correct, you will receive the 2023 Summer Pin


Good luck with your participation, and thank you to Superhero123 for helping put this hunt together and the community committee for all the hard work they have done to make this Gala a great time. If you run into any issues during this scavenger hunt, please contact one of the Community Committee Heads!

The hunt is now live! Good Luck!


Head of Community Committee

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  1. AhsokaTano24 September 2, 2023 (5:04 pm)

    Ooh sounds fun!

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