The Tormentors Join In The Chaos

The Tormentors have returned to the army community. Reviving for a second generation, the army is being led by Toxic Storm and Ay12 this time.

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Founded by Zamb, Simmonds2000 (known as Arceus1296 back then), and Sam, the Tormentors of Club Penguin was created in 2014. While not much information is known about the army’s first generation, one can presume that it was a group created by friends to have fun among themselves while they were in the community. The army eventually faded out after this. However, Toxic Storm and Ay12 have decided to revive the Tormentors for a second generation and bring it back into the army scene.


The army held its’ reopening event on the 27th of August. 12 people showed up to this event welcoming the army to the community. Following this, the Tormentors registered as an official army in Club Penguin Armies and were accepted soon after.

Revival Event

Club Penguin Armies had the opportunity to interview both of the current leaders – Toxic Storm and Ay12 and learn their thoughts on the revival and their future plans for the army.

Why did you decide to revive Tormentors?

Ay12: Let’s just say it was unfinished business for me.

Toxic Storm:
 It all started when me and AY12 had a talk about his return to armies. He wanted to revive Tormentors, whereas I wanted to work on a potential last project in armies. In the end, we both thought the time was right for it to come back after so long.

What are your plans for this generation and how do you wish to execute them?

Ay12: I got two plans, 1st one is to reach no.1 spot, no.2 is to win a tournament but it will take long to achieve for both.

Toxic Storm: The plan is to give tormentors a long-lasting effect on the S/M army culture and bring back the chaos and energy that was once associated with S/M armies. We plan on working with people within and outside the army to make that possible.

How will this generation be different than the first one?

Ay12: Tormentors now have a new good leader with great ideas and 2 great lits and a great lieutenant that will help me in achieving my plans.

Toxic Storm: The first generation was a project made by a group of friends who wanted to have fun playing cpa. This generation won’t distance itself from the values placed by the last generation. We will have fun and we will bring the fun back to everyone who wishes to play this game with us.

What are some of the things that you look forward to in this generation?

Ay12: I’m a humble man so I’m just aiming for my plans atm.

Toxic Storm: We look forward to forming rivalries, making new friends, and pushing through future hardships. In the end, we dream on until our dreams come true.

How do you think the army will do in a few months from now?

Ay12: Well tbh let’s see what’s gonna happen in the future.

Toxic Storm: Nothing is certain, but what is certain is that we will have fun and we will keep on fighting. We tormentors are here to torment the wicked and are here to stay!

We also had the opportunity to interview Simmonds2000, one of the creators of Tormentors, and learn his thoughts on the army’s recent revival.

How do you feel about the Tormentors reviving?

I’m excited to see how they do this time around. We were quite a stable and successful S/M army in the past, therefore I’m looking forward to seeing their progress.

Why did you decide to create this army?

Originally, I created the army with Sam and Zambi in 2014. We created the army due to our interests colliding together at the same time. We wanted to create a successful S/M army that would survive future generations. This wasn’t achieved to what we originally outlined (in terms of duration), however, the army is back once again.

What’s the reason behind keeping the army’s name as ‘Tormentors’?

The army was revived under the original name ultimately to try and uphold and extend the army’s legacy. The aim of the army is to be “Tormentors” every time they are faced in battle and to torment the opposition. Keeping the name was key to extending the legacy of the army.

What are some of the things that you look forward to, or hope for the army to achieve in this generation?

I look forward to seeing how they do in terms of size, in relation to our previous pre-CPPS era. This, alongside the positioning that they achieve in the weekly army rankings. Ultimately, I hope that they uphold the legacy of the army and go a step further than what was originally achieved in 2014. To become a solid and stable army in this current era would be a huge success.

How do you think the army will do in a few months from now?

This is dependent upon many variables, those of which could be outside of their control. However, the success of the army in the coming months will be down to recruitment strategies, mainly. How staff are recruited and trained is key in unlocking their potential. Having a solid backbone of staff is fundamental to survival, which I believe they are capable of producing. I have every faith in the current leaders to lead this army to success.

It seems that the Tormentors are all set to make a strong return to the community and uphold their legacy as an army. We wish the army, the very best in all of their future endeavors.




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