SWAT Breaks Own War Terms, Walks Into Force Treaty

After three no-shows, the Templars of Club Penguin issued a forced treaty on the Special Weapons And Tactics. With the latter being the declaring army, what caused the conflict to end like this?

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The Templars and Special Weapons And Tactics are long-time enemies. There is rarely a time when these two are not in conflict, hence it was no surprise when on August 16, SWAT leader Legoman issued a declaration of war on Templars. Issued for no real reason, the war was mainly to get the Agents more active. Templars accepted the declaration and soon after the two clashed in-game.

August 19: Templars & Special Weapons And Tactics face off for control of “Down Under”

Throughout the conflict, the Agents had barely put up a fight. In the beginning, it looked like they were ramping up and ready to start taking victories. However, fate would have other plans and the final three battles of the conflict were no-shows, allowing Templars to take their land with ease. As a result of not showing for that many battles, the Agents have violated their own war terms and have surrendered their land to the Templars. On the evening of August 28, the Templars issued a force treaty marking the end of the conflict and claimed SWAT’s land for themselves.

August 28 (EST): Templars Issue Force-Treaty on SWAT, following Violation of “No Running” term. Click to expand.

Curious to learn more – including why the Special Weapons And Tactics stopped showing – Club Penguin Armies approached Dawnables, Templars leader and Krill300, SWAT Second-in-Command, for comment.

Dawnables, Templars Leader: We did very well during this war and even made new successees by maxing 30+ on our own for the first time in a while. Templars has been reaching a peak of functionality and surely this won’t be close to the end of us engaging in wars at all. It’s good that the war is over given SWAT declared and didn’t show up for the last few battles so we saw no point in wasting not only our time, but SWAT’s troops time (if they knew there was an event) and the judges especially. The war was really one-sided, so hopefully if SWAT decides that they want to declare on another army they do it when they’re actually stable. Either way, it’s good that this war is over and that the community as a whole can move forward into creating more competition through the map and growing our own armies.

Krill300, SWAT Second-in-Command: In my opinion, I believe that the war was a bit too early to go off with. It took a span of two weeks, with no victories. SWAT was not quite prepared for the war, which is OK, for it has been, and is, a case with all armies. This time period could have been utilized for frequent training events which could have also pave a way for victory in the Beach Brawl III. We just could not properly hold the battles and fetch satisfactory results. Understanding this alarmist hysteria, we decided to halt this war. Most importantly, the battle fundamentals were not correctly administered by SWAT during the event, such as creative tactics, maintaining a decent count of troops, and so on.

With the ending of the war, it is completely fine for SWAT to take some time before it can rise again, as it will, one day, for sure, walk on the fallen helmets of the Templars, who will fall sooner or later.

For a war that started to get the Agents more active, the results seem to be the opposite. Instead, it was the Templars who benefitted from the act. Dawnables is clearly more confident in her army than ever, and rightfully so. On the other hand, this conflict seems to have been detrimental to SWAT. This, combined with the recent Beach Brawl tournament, seems to have demotivated the Agents. But there were some big words from Krill, who believes SWAT’s time to triumph over the Knights will come. Will they be able to bounce back from this?

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