Community Reacts To Beach Brawl III

The most important tournament for small/medium armies has concluded, with the People’s Imperial Confederation taking home the cup. The community discusses the results of this battle for dominance between small armies.

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Beach Brawl III is a tournament where only small/medium armies can participate. The winner of last year, the Army of Club Penguin, has grown to major classification, while the winner of the first edition, the Pizza Federation, is no longer active. This means that a new, first-time winner, was guaranteed to take home the trophy. Between the competitors, Friendly Gamers, People’s Imperial Confederation, and Special Weapons and Tactics, it would be a tough challenge.

The three-way battle between the competitors took place on August 26th. Special Weapons and Tactics had a size advantage throughout the battle, with the People’s Imperial Confederation not far behind. PIC and SWAT both secured victory in one room each, while they tied in the third. The battle was ultimately decided in the overtime room, where the People’s Imperial Confederation emerged victorious due to their superior formations and tactics.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to various community members to gather their thoughts on the outcome of the tournament.

Shallissa, PIC’s Leader: PIC’s victory was one of many trials. Having previously faced defeat in the finals of Challengers Cup One and Two, active members and veterans alike came together to give our army a well deserved victory. It was a long time coming and after nearly 4 years since our founding, we finally have something real to show for our achievements. PIC has secured a place in army history and in the process has united countless members of our Confederation. Seeing everyone who has contributed to our success come together to win was absolutely incredible. We couldn’t be more happy. I applaud SWAT for giving us excellent competition, and Friendly Gamers for putting up a strong fight. This is a historic and long awaited day in our army’s history

Ovron, SWAT’s Third-in-Command: It was a fun event to attend, and it most certainly got many of our troops active, however, for specifically the outcome of the Beach Brawl III I was accepting of it as SWAT still held out very well, but as with all things there was room for improvement for us.

Zenishira, HF’s Second-in-Command: Personally, I knew from the start that either SWAT or PIC would win this one, SWAT did put up a good fight, but PIC managed to become victorious in the end, despite the slight size disadvantage they managed to spread themselves more evenly, so that they are more seen.

Aurora, WV’s Second-in-Command: I’m glad that PIC won and that it went to overtime. I know PIC has been waiting for this win for awhile so I’m happy that they pulled it off.

Spinister, ACP’s Five-in-Command: It was a good battle, and both PIC and SWAT performed quite well, and taking into the consideration that FG only just reopened, they performed well and stayed fighting throughout the battle despite being outnumbered at various moments. Congratulations to People’s Imperial Confederation for outperforming SWAT and claiming the Beach Brawl trophy.

Frickle, FG’s Leader: Honestly I think its a pretty good outcome. I heard that PIC have been trying for a while and Beach Brawl III was just their time to shine. SWAT put up a good fight as well. BB III was very fun to participate in as well even if FG didn’t win.

It seems like the community is having a positive outlook on the outcome of the tournament. All armies participating have definitely earned the respect of the community. With PIC winning the tournament, what does the future hold for them? Will this win give them the momentum to become a major army? Will the other armies use this loss constructively or will they disappear without a trace?

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