Beach Brawl III: Meet The Judges

Just a few hours remain before the start of the third edition of the Beach Brawl tournament, where three armies will compete. Let’s take a moment to introduce the judges selected to observe this battle and determine the ultimate winner of the competition.

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In last year’s Beach Brawl competition, the Army of CP was crowned as the victor. However the competition faced difficulties with two armies withdrawing moments before the battle, in-game banning of an army leader, and CPAB’s connection issues, causing a mess for all armies. Now that the game is more stable, we are sure it’s going to be a great battle.

The four armies that planned to join this year’s Beach Brawl competition were Friendly Gamers, People’s Imperial Confederation, Penguins of Madagascar, and Special Weapons and Tactics. Unfortunately, POM silently dropped out of the tournament without providing any comments. Other armies are preparing for battle, and the tension is on. As usual, the judges are decided by the Head Judges. So without further ado, meet the people in charge of the Beach Brawl III. Regrettably, we were only able to contact four of the five judges.

Can you introduce yourself and briefly list your experience in armies/judging?

Lunita: Hello everybody, my name is Lunita! I am currently 3ic in Water Vikings, after around 5 months since my joining of CPA. So I would say that I am definitively quite new to CPA as a whole, however I do my best to stay up to date. As far as my judging experience goes, I judged multiple battles during the ACP vs EGCP and SWAT vs TCP wars, which provided me with a ton of valuable experience neccesary to judge the Beach Brawl.

Coolguy: I’m Coolguy, I’ve been in the community since 2011/2012 and have been in multiple armies and positions but, of course, I am currently the 50th Commander in Chief of the Army of Club Penguin. Alongside this, I earned the position of Editor in Chief in Club Penguin Armies. In terms of judging, my experience in judging started in CPAH and I worked my way up from the bottom there – it was because of this experience that I also moved to become a judge when CPAJ was formed.

Aubz: I am aubz and have been in armies for about 3 and a half years best know for my time in ODA and SWAT. I have been a judge since late 2020.

AustinFraud: Hello, my name is AustinFraud. I’ve been around for quite some time, briefly known for my leadership of the Fire Warriors and my current leadership of the Army of Club Penguin. I’ve been judging in this community since 2020, and I was one of the first five head judges to establish CPAJ. I’ve judged numerous tournaments and wars.

Why did you want to judge the Beach Brawl competition?

Lunita: To be honest it sounded very fun! S/M armies are heavily underrated imo but many of them can do great things! Being a judge for the Beach Brawl allows me to see just how far these S/M armies can go in the pursuit of success. Which honestly is so entertaining and wonderful to me!

Coolguy: Army leaders have a lot of experience battling but we hardly have the time to properly observe and judge battles. Recently judging has become an interesting aspect, especially with the judging guide reforms and with the increase of wars there’s been an increased amount of opportunities for judges but this hasn’t been the case for me as I’ve been affiliated for a lot of them LOL and of course even now you have ACP in a war so I can’t exactly judge that nor tcp since leading takes up a lot of time so of course I wanted to take a crack at it again on Saturday and I look forward to seeing the armies perform.

Aubz: I love judging tournaments and have judged my fair share of them so beach brawl was no different. I also love seeing s/m armies have their time to shine.

AustinFraud: I always enjoy judging tournaments since that is when all of the armies give it their all to win the tournament and attain their peak performance. I particularly enjoy judging s/m battles because I led s/m armies for the majority of my time here. I know the beach brawl battle will be exciting, therefore I am looking forward to it.

What do you think is the key factor in deciding the winner of a battle?

Lunita: Honestly I don’t think that there is such a thing as one key factor. I think that it depends battle to battle. Each battle will have that one deciding factor, whenever it is size, speed, tactics, creativity, or consistency is up to the armies themself. Personally though I am a huge advocate for creativity and speed, since to me there is nothing more beautiful than army blitzing though tactics and doing gorgeous forms.

Coolguy: I think the key factor in this battle will no doubt be each army’s tactical approach to the battle. Sizes will always matter but this tournament is anyone’s game and it’s going to be close so it will be able who is able to perform at the highest level, who’s cleaner, who’s strategically smarter, etc. Armies will have to make sure they’re creating clean and creative forms whilst performing at a steady pace

Aubz: I think the key factor to deciding a battle is room coverage, clean forms, fast and together tactics, as well as creativity on forms and bombs.

AustinFraud: Given that there are four s/m armies competing, I believe the one with the most creativity and size will win. Creativity is an unpopular concept among the s/m armies, therefore I’m hoping for some from the armies that are participating.

What are your expectations for this battle? Do you think it will be a close one or is there an army you think will stand out?

Lunita: I definitively think it will be close. Any army in this tournament could come on top. However I am really excited to see how our returnee Friendly Gamers perform. Since this tournament could be the make or break for them. That however applies to any of the 4 armies who could all become majors should the succeed!

Coolguy: I think that, going into this battle, there isn’t really a favourite. There are, of course, four very different armies involved with different experiences but none of them are guaranteed anything. It will be up to each of these armies to leave it all on the battlefield on Saturday, give it everything they’ve got to try to win. Hopefully, this will live up to the expectations and be one hell of a battle.

Aubz: I’ve heard that armies are prepping heavily for this s/m tournament so I think we can expect larger numbers than you would initially think. I am just looking forward to both armies trying their best and having fun!

AustinFraud: This battle, I believe, will be a close one. Personally, I suspect the army with the best tactical performance will take home the trophy.

This competition is surely going to be an interesting one! We can’t know for sure the true winner of this battle as all armies have what it takes to win. We, at Club Penguin Armies, wish both the judges and the armies participating the best of luck in the battle.

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